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SNX30 Application

  Simple and convenient to use,  but different:


Use with liquid starter, in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar and "at-seed" type applications. Contact us for pivot/drip fertigation application.

QUICK MIX – Whatever size tank you use, divide the total number of gallons the tank holds by 30 and this will tell you the number of drops of SNX30 to add to the tank. For example, let's say you normally use a 300-gallon tank filled with NPK, micros and crop protection. Divide 300 by 30 and you get 10 drops. Always round up. If you have a 75-gallon tank, use 3 drops.  A 50-gallon tank, use 2 drops, etc.

REDUCE FERTILIZER -- For example, in a 300 gallon tank of solution (NPK, micros, crop protection, etc.), you can add only 75 gallons (75% less fertilizer inputs = a 225-gallon savings) or whatever savings you follow in the chart below. Now top off your tank with regular water and mix your solution with the added water. Apply the solution to your field just as you would for a full rate of nutrients. 


NOTE -- When reducing fertilizer, ensure you have at least 2.5% soil organic matter. You can go less or more nutrients than reducing fertilizer inputs 75% (refer to chart below). We've learned that farmers like to begin with 1/2 or 2/3 less nutrients to get a feel for the SNX30 application, and then reduce their nutrients by 3/4 (75%) or even more depending on the crop and soil fertility. You can use this application to place fertilizer next to the seed without burning.


MORE YIELD – If you have less than 2.5% soil organic matter, then use SNX30 with a full rate of fertilizer to increase your yield up to 12 bpa or more instead of reducing fertilizer cost.


REDUCE FERTILIZER and INCREASE YIELD TOGETHER -- If you have 2.5% or greater soil organic matter, then you have the option to use SNX30 with a full rate or partial rate of fertilizer to reduce fertilizer use and increase yield together. A higher percent of soil organic matter allows you to reduce fertilizer more and also get an even greater yield too. When using this method and a full rate with SNX30 do not place the fertilizer next to the seed.

chart 11-10-22.PNG

Use as FOLIAR:

You can use the same rate application method as with banding, starter, etc. Use your foliar application with a late afternoon, eve or early morning application with evening (especially after rain) being best. For pivot/drip fertigation applications, please contact us.


Avoid evening foliar if you have a potential fungi problem. Over 70 degree weather is ideal, but mid-eighties and above can cause problems. Ideal pH for optimal nutrient absorption is from 5.2 to 6.4 with a 6.8 maximum.

Foliar sprays should include small amounts of solution with a high point of deliquescence including Sea Crop, potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate in order to hold your foliar application longer on the leaf. Deliquescence = humidity point in the air where a leaf droplet will stay wet or dry.

SNX30 can be used with pesticides; herbicides, fungicides and nematicides.

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