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Most Asked Questions:

Q:  What is it? How does it work?

A:  Visit Breakthrough for detail and the science supporting SNX30.


Q:  Are equipment changes needed 

A:  No, SNX30 can be used with all equipment. No modifications necessary. 

Q:  Does SNX30 work with litter and manure too? 


A:  Yes, including NPK, micros, other biostimulants.

Q:  Is it safe on my hands? 

A:  Yes, it's non-toxic, doesn't stain and odorless.

Q:  Do I need to change how I farm? 

A:  No.

Q:  Compatibility? 

A:  It is compatible with all inputs.

Q:  Does it come in bags or bulk? 

A:  SNX30 is a supplement applied with drops in bottles ranging up to 4 oz. for 60-1920 acre bottle sizes. Simple/easy to use.

Q:  Do you guarantee increased yield

A:  Visit here to view double guarantee.

Q:  What is the mixing order? 

A:  Add anytime, but adding last is easiest.


Questions not answered? Please include your phone number with your response.

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