We're a new breed of NCGA #1 Winners and other farmers, scientists and advocates passionate about conservation practices. We use SNX30 to do what's best for our families, our soil health, environment and our profit.


Representing a new age of farming, we are taking on the challenge of David vs. Goliath, and we are winning after investing over 7 years in R&D.

What we want to share is on target to become an agricultural landmark, similar to 100 years ago when Henry A. Wallace introduced hybrid corn to farmers (when yields began to increase) and changed the face of farming forever. Where would farmers be today without hybrid corn?  The same will be said about SNX30.

Many of the benefits attached to SNX30 are pretty far-fetched so it may be tempting to shrug them off as impossible. But, this is true of most movements that aim to create a new and better way of doing things. There are enormous economic and social advantages that can be realized through SNX30 when farmers allow it to live up to its potential. Your family members will benefit the most. 

Thanks to the newest SNX30 technology, it's about to get better for farmers through a 70-year leap in sustainability and regenerative science. Ignoring SNX30 can cost a farmer tens of thousands of dollars in pre-season profit each season.

They say that the best inventions are those that people never knew they needed, but once they have them, they can't live without them. The environmentally friendly SNX30 is that kind of input -- as many farmers have already realized. Now it's your turn...


Join us today to help prevent toxic groundwater, sky-high fertilizer prices, corruption and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). SNX30 farmers are part of something big that can bring more meaning into their lives. 


Along our path we've developed an independent team that includes engineers, farmers, scientists, agronomists, crop consultants, data aggregation experts, inventors, manufacturers and others to make SNX30 available for a farmer's 2nd best input ROI.


It all started in the 1900's Depression Era when the grandfather of Lee Roberts (Chief Scientist and founder of SmartNute LLC) rented farmland in the Texas Panhandle. Being new at farming and also challenged with the Great Depression, Lee's grandfather couldn't survive farming cotton. One of his sons (Lee's father) left the farm for the city. You can read this Open Letter about the surprising reason that triggered the discovery of SNX30 and why Big Ag and Big Chem combined forces to prevent the spread of this farming phenomenon.


Now Lee has come back full circle with a team of experts to deliver the 2nd best ever input ROI (sun = #1 ROI) for farmers and also help clean up our global ecosystem. SmartNute's SNX30 can make farmers, agronomists and crop consultants look good too.

Pre-Season Profit is our unmatched promise

Welcome to next-generation farming:

Trail Blazers

The Original SmartNute Independent Team


rick cook edit.PNG

Rick Cook:Engineer and Row Crop Farmer, 4 Time NCGA Winner, Classic No-Till Winner and Early Adopter of SNX30.

Bruce Kleinschmidt.PNG

Bruce Kleinschmidt: Referral, Agronomist, Row Crop Farmer and Early Adopter of SNX30

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Wallace pic coming!

Wallace Anderson:  Georgia Corn Commission Board Member, Row Crop Farmer, 3 Time NCGA Winner and Early Adopter of SNX30

Darrell selfie 6-19-21.jpg

Darrell Jones: Referral, Row Crop Farmer and Early Adopter of SNX30

larry pic.PNG

Larry Tombaugh: Referral,

Row Crop Farmer and Biologicals Inventor plus

Early Adopter of SNX30

mike rother.PNG

Mike Rother: Row Crop Farmer;  One of the Original 5 Corn Warriors, #1 NCGA Winner, Early Adopter of SNX30

george A.PNG

George Kuepper:

Agronomist, 30 Year

Organic Farmer, Author, Speaker and Early Adopter of SNX30

amos smith.PNG

Amos Smith: Past Board Member New York Farm Viability Institute, Manages Tech for 1900 Head Dairy Farm, Early Adopter of SNX30

lee sn edit.JPG

Lee Roberts

Chief Scientist and CDM

SmartNute LLC

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Plus, a rapidly increasing number of others passionate about farming and growing with SNX30...