What I want to share with you may be the most important advancement in farming since hybrid corn in the 1920s.


After learning about SmartNute you may think this sounds almost too good to be true.  Or, maybe the term "snake oil" crosses your mind. Contact me: ItsBetterThanOrganic@gmail.com to eliminate any disbelief. I will give you a link to 107 endorsements about Lee Roberts in order to put your mind at ease. 

For those of you who've visited this website many times and have yet to contact me, I'm waiting for your text, call or email with your questions or maybe you just want to "chew the fat". Once we talk you'll wonder why you waited so long to connect!

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In the early 1900s my grandfather rented farmland in west Texas and barely made ends meet farming cotton. One of his sons (my father) left the farm for a better life in the city and now I’ve come back full circle to help farmers enjoy a better life on the farm and also to help balance our global ecosystem. 

If you're like me and enjoy helping your neighbor or fellow farmer while also making your life more rewarding, then contact me to begin a field trial.


That being said, I have something special to share with you because farmers should come first, as I’ve finally learned. 

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I owe a lot of people, especially farmers – or rather, I’m in debt to them for their generosity and belief in me, hospitality, and insight to get us here today. Every claim we make for SmartNute has been researched, lab tested and proven through small plot trials, and that’s our biggest challenge right now.


While George (the agronomist) gave us a great endorsement, we need more field trials (lots of them), even though we already have over 3,000 acres committed. We realize our product claims are unheard of, but that can be said for just about any forward-thinking situation.


You can help reduce man-made toxic ground water, excessive fertilizer runoff and deadly algae blooms when you reduce your fertilizer inputs over 80% while achieving equal or greater yields through a simple and natural process.

We’ve overcome huge obstacles and challenges while inventing the world's first energetic plant food amplifier. And, we also realize this is only the beginning of our blueprint to help revive our planet. Come join us!  Sincerely, Lee Roberts

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Lee Roberts


In 1984 the quest for SmartNute began with a new discovery destined to reappear when the time was right and money was available for R&D. From this discovery came a far-reaching idea and my promise to develop a plant food anomaly to help restore and balance our ecosystems.


Exactly thirty years later this far-reaching idea reappeared and the timing was right to make good on my promise; to develop an inexpensive solution to help clean up and balance our ecosystems while producing more profit for farmers.