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Will the TRUTH  about farmers finally come out?

In the mid-1800s a physician and scientist, Dr. Philipp Semmelweis, attempted to introduce a completely “radical” medical concept of "handwashing" to protect patients from an invisible force that we know today as bacteria.


When Dr. Semmelweis proposed that obstetricians wash their hands before delivering babies, the idea was considered ridiculous. In reality, Dr. Semmelweis had discovered a new factor at work in the prevention of healing. Today we refer to that factor as infection.


Hard to believe, but the theory of an infectious disease did not exist at that time! So, Dr. Semmelweis did a simple experiment to prove his point. For one year the midwives in one obstetrical ward washed their hands before delivering babies -- the obstetricians in another ward did not. In the handwashing ward, the mortality from childbirth fever declined by 10X. But sadly, the truth made no difference.


Skeptical physicians still could not accept the reality that there was a lethal factor (invisible force) lurking in the hospital wards and that they were helping to spread it. And, how could it possibly be controlled by simply washing their hands? Because of this poor judgement by the physicians, Dr. Semmelweis was regarded as a troublemaker and was vilified.


Hi, my name is Lee Roberts, Chief Scientist and founder of SmartNute LLC.  Visit here for 100+ endorsements.

Why did I tell you this story? Because our product, the SNX30 fertilizer supplement, has also been vilified. Farmers and others, like skeptical physicians in the mid-1800s, are also skeptical that an invisible force can reduce NPK and micronutrient cost by over 70% to get your best ROI. Plus, it can also reduce soil toxicity and N and P toxicity in our streams, rivers and lakes over 70% too.

The seed of an idea to develop SNX30 may have started in the 1900's Depression Era when my grandfather rented farmland in the Texas Panhandle. Being new to farming and also challenged with the Great Depression, he didn't survive farming cotton. 


But now, I've come back full circle with a team of experts to deliver the best ever input ROI for farmers and also help clean up our global ecosystem at the same time. I'd love for you to join us!


So, you have to ask yourself, are you a doubter like the physicians in the 1800s when the proof is right in front of your eyes, or are you better than that? 

Check out this Open Letter about the surprising reason that triggered the discovery of SNX30 and why Big Ag/Chem interests helped prevent the spread of this little-known science over 70 years ago. You can read about Our Mission.

Trail Blazers

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Rick Cook: Engineer and Row Crop Farmer, 4 Time NCGA Winner, Classic No-Till Winner and Early Adopter of SNX30.

Bruce Kleinschmidt.PNG

Bruce Kleinschmidt: Referral, Agronomist, Row Crop Farmer and Early Adopter of SNX30

Wallace Anderson:  Georgia Corn Commission Board Member, Row Crop Farmer, 4 Time NCGA Winner and Early Adopter of SNX30

Darrell selfie 6-19-21.jpg

Darrell Jones: Referral, Row Crop Farmer and Early Adopter of SNX30

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Amos Smith: Past Board Member New York Farm Viability Institute, Manages Tech for 1900 Head Dairy Farm, Early Adopter of SNX30

george A.PNG

George Kuepper: 30 Year

Organic Farmer, Author, Speaker, Agronomist and Early Adopter of SNX30

Chewie and me 2020 (2).jpeg

Lee Roberts  (and Chewie)

Chief Scientist and CDM

SmartNute LLC

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