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"In the 1900's Depression Era Lee Roberts' grandfather rented farmland in the Texas Panhandle and barely made ends meet farming cotton. One of his sons (Lee's father) left the farm for the city.


Now Lee has come back full circle with a team of experts to help farmers get the best ever ROI and clean up our global ecosystem too. 


Over the last 7 years our independent team and collaborators have included engineers, farmers, inventors, agronomists, crop consultants, PhDs, researchers, manufacturers and others to get SNX30 ready for farmers.


Every claim we make for SNX30 has been lab tested, small plot and field proven for row and specialty crops. And, SmartNute's SNX30 can make farmers look good when they share results!"

The SmartNute Team

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Lee Roberts




p.s.  Lee's father worked as a security guard at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft and Space Systems and his mother worked as a part-time elementary school secretary. Out of necessity his parents became "PhDs" at pinching pennies. It looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. SNX30 saves farmers 83% on macros and micros and more.