What we want to share with you may be the most important advancement in farming since hybrid corn in the 1920s.

In the early 1900s my grandfather rented farmland in west Texas and barely made ends meet farming cotton. One of his sons (my father) left the farm for a better life in the city.


Now I’ve come back full circle with a team to help farmers enjoy a better ROI life on the farm and clean up our global ecosystem all at the same time. 


Over the last 7 years our independent team and collaborators have included engineers, farmers, inventors, crop consultants, manufacturers, PhDs, researchers, agronomists, executives and business leaders, entrepreneurs and others along our path to get SNX30 ready for you.


Join us in sharing something special because farmers should come first

SNX30 began with a new discovery over a decade ago and was destined to reappear when the time was right. From this discovery came a far-reaching idea and a promise to develop a plant food anomaly to help restore and balance our ecosystem.


This far-reaching idea appeared again in 2014 and the timing was right to make good on that promise -- and to also include an ultimate ROI choice that farmers have never experienced. 


We already have many acres committed for field trials and need 17 more farmers to help complete field trials. We realize our product claims are unheard of, but that can be said for just about any forward-thinking situation.


The amount of knowledge and experience I've gained working 7 years non-stop on this energetic plant food application makes me one of the leading authorities in the world -- and this is to your advantage but only if you use it.

We owe a lot of people, especially farmers – or rather, we're in debt to them for their generosity and belief in us, hospitality, and insight to get us here today. Every claim we make for SNX30 has been researched, lab tested and proven through trials, and that’s our biggest challenge right now -- completing more trials.


You can help reduce man-made toxic ground water, excessive fertilizer runoff and deadly algae blooms when you reduce your fertilizer inputs over 70% while achieving equal or greater yields through a simple and natural process.

We’ve overcome huge obstacles and challenges while inventing the world's first energetic ag input. And, we also realize this is only the beginning of our blueprint to help revive our planet.


You are being given an opportunity to view your farm through lenses you have never been able to use before. Contact me to begin a field trial. SNX30 can make you look good when you share your results!

Sincerely, Lee Roberts

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Lee Roberts