Get help by saving over 70on nutrients. SNX30 puts you on a path to 5% organic matter. Farmers prove again and again they get the 2nd BEST INPUT ROI and crop health benefits with SNX30 for macros, micros and microbes.​

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2 + 2 = 4 Method:  With over 70% less than the normal input rate, the farmer's input R.O.I. is the biggest ever -- the plants are healthier, the soil is healthier (has less salt and chemicals plus more microbes), the machinery corrodes less, and labor and inventory are less, plus more yield. Compare that result to farmers handling 4X more nutrient inventory, 4X more toxicity and runoff, with more cash tied up, extra labor, more corrosion, etc. and chasing more bushels for less profit. Is this better way of farming with SNX30 starting to make sense now?