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What is it?

Rolling back fertilizer cost over 70% and getting healthiest soybeans with SNX30, also helps ensure enough potassium to avoid "Hidden Hunger".

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SNX30 is an energy based fertilizer supplement. SNX30 works with NPK and micronutrients for row and specialty crops to roll back fertilizer cost and increase yield. It's a Game Changer for Agriculture.

IMPORTANT REGULATIONS:  SNX30 can help farmers get ahead of new or potential government regulations -- or government regulations will do it for you through mandates.

SNX30 is focused on reducing N and P toxicity over 70% to supersede the H2Ohio project goals and reduce ag runoff helping to cause the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, Lake Erie and other N and P toxic zones globally.

Here’s a quote from a 2011 Farm Progress article by George Rehm, University of Minnesota Extension Soil Scientist,  "It's relatively easy to identify a foo-foo juice product. There are claims like: 1) it balances soil fertility, or 2) it enhances the availability of all nutrients in commercial fertilizer, 3) it improves water availability, 4) it improves soil drainage, 5) it promotes biological life in the soil etc.  Any product that is so new that universities and the Extension Service do not know about it is sure to be foo-foo juice.” Sadly, George got it completely wrong and more proof why you can’t trust university and the Extension Service reports since George’s statements have been proven to be 100% false.

Would you trust a University Soil Scientist after reading this?

Tap into Nature's Intelligence (NI)

Q:  “What’s in SNX30 and how does it work?” These are the questions we get asked the most. 

A:  Farmers shrug off SNX30 because they think it's new even though R&D has been ongoing since 2014. Think of SNX30 like hybrid corn 100 years ago when farmers first used it and changed the face of agriculture. SNX30 can also change the face of agriculture when farmers realize its potentialSNX30 is derived from a patented process. Visit here for simple application.

For example: In the early 1920s when the Wright Brothers were beginning to fly, Marconi (Italian inventor and electrical engineer) commercialized radio by opening the first radio factory. When radio was revealed to the public, people thought it was a miracle of science.


Here we are 100 years later and SNX30 is the miracle-like fertilizer supplement no one was expecting. It's produced by imprinting energy patterns (cousins to radio frequencies) into nutrients and also used for dry fertilizer, poultry litter, manure, plus seed and soil treatments too. 


SNX30 is like a turbocharger that boosts engine power. SNX30 acts like nature's turbocharger to boost fertilizer efficiency. It is 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is minor. Use with applications for in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar, etc. Contact us for pivot/drip fertigation applications. SNX30 is not affected by too hot or too cold weather or excessive moisture. SNX30 is also not affected by other elements that hinder your farming ROI.

Turn workhorse crops into racehorse crops: Every dollar has a name and we all know that new farm technology comes at a high cost -- so it's easy to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). But, SNX30 provides your best input ROI and can help you overcome FOMO.

If you have an eye on technology adoption (like Y-DROP, variable-rate seeding, variable-rate fertilizer application, autosteer, or bins and a dryer, tile, etc.), SNX30 can get you there quicker and cheaper with pre-season fertilizer savings and increased yield. Without SNX30 your dollars are leaving your bank account just like the NPK and micronutrients are leaving your farm through runoff, leaching and volatilization.

Here's an example of a rookie applying SNX30 without nutrients using only the previous year's residual chicken litter for wheat, then followed by corn and SNX30 wheat. This wheat yielded an eye-popping 16.9% increase. Compare SNX30 wheat with Chad Henderson's wheat > scroll down new linked page here. It's obvious Chad could do much better by using SNX30. Chad is a multiple NCGA winner, Corn Warrior and member of the XtremeAg team.

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