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What is the Science behind SmartNute’s SNX30?

Here’s the subtle energy physics “lite” version of the technology that allows SNX30 to achieve superior results in agriculture. SNX30 is derived from a patented process #US2482773A.


SNX30 is one application of resonant frequencies (subtle energy physics) that demonstrates a system of alternative nutrient supplement application based on detectable electromagnetic frequencies emitted by living matter, interpreted diagnostically, and transmitted to plants and soil through resonant signatures developed by complex instruments.


The science behind SNX30 includes frequencies that are known patterns of information. In a similar manner as these frequencies, radio stations are defined by AM and FM frequencies. When you tune a radio to a certain station it will give you information about the topic you choose.


The frequency analyzers used to develop SNX30 can be tuned to a certain resonant signature in order to dial in energetic information about the subject. In our case this refers to plants and soil, but can also be used for human health and other applications.


You may have seen a demonstration where two musical tuning forks close to each other will react in a spontaneous manner when they are exposed to an identical frequency. In a similar manner, parallel plate tuning capacitors in a frequency analyzer act as adjustable tuning forks. They resonate when they are tuned to a frequency that determines the makeup of subatomic particles that make up our physical world.


And just like tuning forks, these instruments achieve resonance that can be detected as the energy is intrinsic to the vibration in each atom.


This natural resonance makes these instrument components ideal for setting frequencies and detecting resonance. The purpose of the capacitors in these analyzers is to build and hold a charge of the faint and subtle energetic signals that are amplified for detection.


These frequencies are not absolute frequencies like those used by radio stations. Radio stations use settings that are calculated in hertz (cycles per second). When you set a radio to 680 you are actually setting it to 680,000 hertz.


The frequency analyzer instrument represents a percentage of bandwidth through a range of variable capacitors. When you tune this instrument, it adjusts the interweaving of tuning plates from 0 to 100 (or 0 to 10). These numbers reflect the percentage of total range and not a set frequency like a radio.


You may be aware that energy vibrates throughout our physical world and found in atoms within all of us and everything in the world around us. Due to this field of subtle energy, we can tap into it for research and development in areas from agriculture to health, just as you tap into your smartphone to get the information you need whether it’s a simple phone call, text or internet search on a subject.


Now you can leave the past and join the future of agriculture. Come join us today and help advance agriculture by contacting or learning more at

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