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Farmers quit WHINING about high fertilizer prices when they use SNX30: 

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We've all been whining about high fertilizer prices but now you can do something  about it  (almost feels like cheating).


SNX30 fertilizer supplement rolls back NPK and micronutrient fertilizer cost to 2001  -- can also increase fertility and yield. 

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Farming's Biggest Lie??  Would you doubt the WORD of agronomists, a past Board Member of the New York Farm Viability Institute (and farmer), a Georgia Corn Commission Board Member (and farmer), top NCGA corn yield winners and other farmers about the unmatched benefits of SNX30? Of course you'd believe them! So then, here's what's in it for you...

After 8 years development and 3 years of field growing, SNX30 Wins Flying Colors

Multi-Season User

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Bruce Kleinschmidt Farm

Jacksonville, IL

Bruce is also an agronomist. On his second time around, Bruce used SNX30 in several applications in the Spring.


He applied it at 1/4 the rate for starter compared to the full rate of starter and also used it with several batches of compost tea at the low rate too.

Some of these applications were planter applied and a couple as post applied with the sprayer. He reported a near 7% yield increase while also taking advantage of rolled-back fertilizer cost with our newest SNX30 formula. 

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 Using SNX30 and rolling back fertilizer cost to 2001, plus 6.75% or 15 bpa yield bump = 237 bpa and biggest ROI.

NOTE: Bruce was referred to us by Brad Forkner, Agronomist/Soil Structure and Nutrient Manager with Nutrient Management Specialists LLC.


Multi-Season User

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How does SNX30 perform after planting in WET and COLD conditions?

Rick Cook Farm, another #1 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner, comparing strips with SNX30 after persisting extremes of wet and cold weather events during planting -- then jumping to 105 degrees. The deeper green color of the SNX30 areas becomes apparent.

Rick is using SNX30 to "stick it to the fertilizer companies" again this season. Rick is an engineer and farmer, and in his first 5 years of farming he's been a NCGA Corn Yield Contest Winner 4 times and a Commodity Classic No-Till Winner. He is always on the lookout for a better way to do things. As an engineer and award winning farmer, he knows what works best. 

WHAT HAPPENED in Rick's extreme

weather events?

SNX30 also helps develop a healthier plant to better tolerate extreme cold and heat. Jim Hoorman, Soil Specialist, says healthy plants also have less disease and pests.


Rick describes his introduction to SNX30 as almost fate-like, but the story behind "why" is even more intriguing. He already has farmers, fertilizer retailers and agronomists talking.

 * 4 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner

* Commodity Classic No-Till Winner 

"Here's to SNX30"

Rick Cook says it best!

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 Resisting oxygen starvation while using SNX30 to roll back fertilizer cost to 2001: yield 208-270 bpa. 

Rick is using SNX30 on all of his 750 acres this coming season with banding, in-furrow and pivot.


Pre-Season Profit is our unmatched promise: Welcome to next-generation farming

Multi-Season User

*3 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner *Georgia Corn Commission Board Member

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Wallace Anderson Farm of Ellijay, GA. Corn yielded 224 bpa using SNX30 with 2001 rolled-back fertilizer cost.  His pampered NCGA winning field yielded 236 bpa. Based on $6 corn, his ROI with SNX30 is over twice that of the NCGA field.

Here is another one of SmartNute's SNX30 crops with near perfect emergence, row stand uniformity and early growth vigor while reducing fertilizer cost to 2001 (plus other benefits) and getting the best ROI.


Multi-Season User

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Darrell Jones Farm (Ellijay, GA)  Showing SNX30 crop with "decent" emergence (as Darrell calls it) and stand uniformity.

Darrell was referred to us by 3 time NCGA yield winner, Wallace Anderson, also of Ellijay, GA

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 Using SNX30 to roll back fertilizer cost to 2001 

Multi-Season User

Amos Smith, 4th generation farmer and Cornell graduate, is in charge of feeding and technology on the family's 2800 acre, 1900 head dairy farm.

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Amos Smith, past Board Member of New York Farm Viability Institute

Lawnel Farms in Piffard, NY

SNX30  and strip-till are a match made in heaven. Amos is looking forward to harvest using SNX30  to roll back fertilizer cost to 2001 and increase yield too.


Farmers and growers prove again and again they get the BIGGEST ROI and crop health benefits with SNX30.


Gain the healthiest grow results with SNX30 like this agronomist, organic farmer, ag author and speaker achieved after 30 years of farming.

George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) of the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  Master of Science Degree, Agronomy

NOTE: According to Jim Hoorman (Soil Specialist and cover crops), healthy plants have less disease and pests.

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Our unchallenged DOUBLE GUARANTEE makes

SNX30 a winning proposition

If at any time during the first year you are not satisfied with the results and ROI using SNX30, then return for a full refund. We also give you a 48 month full-strength guarantee.

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