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Dept. of Agriculture and Farmer Update


How farmers defy high fertilizer cost:

Rick silage.jpg

 SNX30 silage produced 10.3% (3.3 tons) greater yield to 35.3 tons plus best ROI.

Rick corn 10-29-21 (2).jpg

SNX30 reduced fertilizer use over 70%: yield 208-270 bpa with best ROI.  Average 0.9 -- 1.5% soil organic matter. Your yield and ROI can grow even more with higher soil organic matter.

The SNX30 enhanced-efficiency fertilizer supplement is a quick and simple to use input that can maximize fertilizer for greater uptake. Reduce NPK and micronutrient use over 70% with up to 12 bpa or more yield depending on soil organic matter.  As little as $3.29.

For till, no-till, conventional and organic farming.

NEW for Fall: DIY quick and simple to use seed and dry fertilizer treatments with SNX30. No liquid mess as with other treatments. 

UPDATE ALERT: This notice is currently being delivered to farmers by the USPS.

wallace corn 6-6-21_edited.jpg

 Near perfect emergence with SNX30.


Best of Agriculture 2023 – SNX30 is backed by a growing number of agronomists and NCGA Corn Yield Winners. No special machinery or modifications required.

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