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SNX30 Success with NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winners

#1 Solution to beat sky-high fertilizer prices and increase yield too:

Remember to DEFY price increases on micros also. SNX30 reduces your cost on macros and micros: 2021 bpa 208-270. Increasing in 2022. For row and specialty crops.

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These farmers and others DEFY worst fertilizer prices with SNX30 plus increase yield!


Rightly so, after trying many new inputs over the years, 3 time NCGA yield winner and Georgia Corn Commission Board Member, Wallace Anderson (below) was skeptical about using SNX30. It seemed too good to be true. He was also less than happy with the results from past inputs. However, his optimism to find a better way convinced him to try SNX30 and we didn't let him down.  

"Farmer Approved for best ROI and conservation practices."

Welcome to next-generation farming:

Pre-Season Payback is our unmatched promise

Here is one of SmartNute's SNX30 crops with near perfect emergence, row stand uniformity and early growth vigor using SNX30 to reduce fertilizer cost (plus other benefits) and get best ROI.

2nd Season Advocate

wallace corn 6-6-21 copy.jpg

3 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner and Georgia Corn Commission Board Member

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Wallace Anderson Farm of Ellijay, GA. Corn yielded 224 bpa using SNX30 with over 70% less nutrients. 


Farming 500 acres can get you an extra $30,000+ savings pre-season every year using SNX30, a nutrient supplement, with corn on corn. Other crops will vary. Doing nothing about sky-high fertilizer prices won't make them go away, but it's a sure guarantee you'll flush your money down the toilet. Simplify your application with SNX30.

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How does SNX30 perform after planting in extreme wet and cold conditions?

Rick Cook Farm, another #1 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner, comparing strips with SNX30 after persisting extreme wet and cold weather events during planting -- then jumping to 105 degrees. The deeper green color of the SNX30 treated areas becomes apparent.

Rick is again using SNX30 to "stick it to the fertilizer companies" in 2022.


SNX30 develops a healthier plant to tolerate extreme cold and heat. According to Jim Hoorman, soil specialist, healthy plants also have less disease and pests.


Rick describes his introduction to SNX30 as almost fate-like, but the story behind "why" is even more intriguing. He already has farmers, fertilizer retailers and agronomists talking.

Rick corn 10-29-31.jpg

 4 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner 

 Resisting oxygen starvation and denitrification while using over 70% less nutrients: top yield 270 bpa. 

"Here's to SNX30"

Rick Cook says it best!

2nd Season Advocate


End sky-high fertilizer prices now as input prices keep eating away at your profit. Those days can be over and you can avoid FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Choose SNX30 to get your best ROI like these and other farmers do. The reality is a farmer has to be an optimist or they wouldn’t still be a farmer.

Join These Farmers with Yield Stories while Saving on Nutrients

**With SNX30, you spend $5.40 and return $99 to $288 nutrient savings (variable vs. fixed rate), plus yield gain.


Larry Tombaugh from Streator, IL does what it takes to achieve the best plant and soil health, plus increase yield.


Larry is using SNX30 with his macro and micro inputs to get his best ROI.


Maybe you've read one of his articles in Strip-Till, No-Till, Farm Show Magazine or other publications. 

Larry realized decades ago the value of micros plus NPK, and can now reduce his total nutrient cost. Larry was referred to us by Dan Luepkes, one of the original Corn Warriors. Dan was #1 in the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest for Illinois.

**Based on an average of 10 gallons per pass with a total of 3 passes -- corn on corn.

3rd Season Advocate

 Contributor: Strip-Till Magazine 

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Larry Tombaugh Farms: SNX30 soybean crop with near perfect emergence, row stand uniformity and growth vigor using over 70% less nutrients.

Larry soybean 9-8-21.jpeg
Larry corn B 9-8-21 (2).jpeg

 Over 70% less nutrients. 

In addition to soybeans, here's Larry Tombaugh's corn using SNX30 with over 70% less nutrients


Does your corn look this good or better using over 70% less nutrients?  Larry (above) was referred to us by NCGA contest winner and original Corn Warrior, Dan Luepkes. Bruce (below) was referred to us by a nutrient management specialist. Bruce is an SNX30 early adopter back for another season using SNX30

3rd Season Advocate

Here's more proof of SmartNute's

SNX30 application with as little as 1/4 the rate of starter and foliar for corn with no yield loss:

Bruce K 6-4-21 edit.jpg

Bruce Kleinschmidt Farm

Jacksonville, IL

On the first time around, Bruce used SNX30 in several applications in the Spring.


He applied it with 1/4 the rate of starter compared to the full rate of starter and also used it with several batches of compost tea.

Some of these applications were planter applied and a couple as post applied with the sprayer. He reported no difference in yield despite using 75% less nutrients.

NOTE: Bruce was referred to us by Brad Forkner, Soil Structure and Nutrient Manager with Nutrient Management Specialists LLC.

Bruce corn 10-18-21 (2)_edited.jpg

 Over 70% less compost tea plus 7% yield bump - 237 bpa 

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Early Spring planting of SNX30 crop with near perfect emergence and row stand uniformity.

2nd Season Advocate

Darrell A 6-19-21.jpg
Darrell 8-29-21 B (2).jpg
Darrell selfie 6-19-21.jpg

Darrell Jones Farm (Ellijay, GA)  Showing SNX30 crop with "decent" emergence (as Darrell calls it) and stand uniformity.

Another referral: Darrell was referred to us by 3 time NCGA yield winner, Wallace Anderson, also of Ellijay, GA

Darrell corn C 11-13-21_edited_edited.jpg

 Over 70% less nutrients. 


Special Compensation: With SNX30, farmers can pocket up to $200 extra an acre when combined with a new alliance plan of agricultural organizations backed by foundation funding (RIPE100 Plan). This alliance plan proposes a USDA climate change program to pay farmers $100 an acre or more to apply conservation practices on their farm. 

2nd Season Advocate

Wallace Anderson Farm of Elijay, GA -- 32% yield increase using SNX30 with over 70% less nutrients. Crop produced 121 square bales an acre after wind damage.

 3 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner 

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 Over 70% less nutrients.