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Free offer no longer available as of 7-23-23

Looking for Best Yield ROI for about $5 per acre instead of reducing fertilizer cost over 70%???

Get your Free Sample today (treats 30 acres).

Bruce 8-6-21 A.jpg

Even though this healthy corn used 83% less nutrients with SNX30, look below to see what it yielded.

Bruce corn 10-18-21 (2)_edited.jpg

Increased yield 6.75% (15 bpa) to 237 bpa with 83% less nutrients. How much MORE can you yield using a FULL RATE of nutrients with SNX30?  Get your FREE SAMPLE now.

wallace wheat 6-8-21.jpg

Applying SNX30 without nutrients using only last year's residual chicken litter followed by corn. SNX30 wheat yielded an eye-popping 16.9% increase.  Compare SNX30 wheat with Chad Henderson's wheat < scroll down linked page. It's obvious Chad could do much better by using SNX30. Chad is a multiple NCGA winner, Corn Warrior and member of the XtremeAg team.

Important: Test at least 4 strips before using on all your acres.

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