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"After getting my best return ever, I'd be a darn fool to stop using SNX30." 

Rick Cook, 4 time NCGA Corn Yield Winner

SmartNute's SNX30 is an energy based nutrient supplement: SNX30 works with macros and micros for row and specialty crops and eliminates over 70% of physical liquid nutrients (and cost) while delivering increased yield. It's a Game Changer for the fertilizer industry.

NOTICE: Rick is an engineer, has been farming for 5 years and is an NCGA Corn Yield Contest Winner in 4 of those 5 years. Seems to us you'd be wise to follow Rick's advice. This technology is relied on for agriculture in Europe, Australia and Asia. It's little-known in America because of lobbying influence in government due to Big Ag/Chem fear of losing market share to this proven and inexpensive technology. Just like EVs (electric vehicles) are quickly replacing ICE (internal combustion engine) cars, SNX30 is ushering in a new era of farming.

SNX30 is 100% from nature -- there is no seed or root burn, plant damage or salt injury problem when using SNX30. Now you can leave the past and Join the Future of Agriculture.

IMPORTANT REGULATIONS:  SmartNute LLC can help farmers get ahead of new or potential government regulations -- or government regulations will do it for you through mandates.

SmartNute LLC is focused on reducing N and P toxicity over 70% to supersede the H2Ohio project goals and reduce ag runoff causing the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, Lake Erie and other N and P toxic zones globally.


In simple terms, when using a 1/4 (75% less) application of nutrients with SNX30 farmers spend $7,500 instead of $30,000 ($30,000÷4), plus the SNX30 cost which is negligible. At 1/4 the normal input rate, the farmer's R.O.I. is the biggest ever -- the plants are healthier with less disease and pest problems, the soil is healthier (has less salt and chemicals, less compaction, plus more microbes), the machinery corrodes less, and labor and inventory are less, plus more benefits. Compare that result to farmers handling 4X more nutrient inventory, with more cash tied up, extra labor, more corrosion, more disease and pest problems, etc. and chasing more bushels for less profit. Is this better way of farming with SNX30 starting to make sense now?

"Farmers are betting their reputations and easily turning workhorse crops into racehorse crops."

Tap into Nature's Intelligence (NI)

Q:  “What’s in SNX30 and how does it work?” These are the questions we get asked the most. Sadly, most farmers will shrug off SNX30 because they don't understand it -- and that's a pricey mistake that can cost tens of thousands of dollars each season. 


A:  The reality is that you don't need to understand SNX30 tech any more than you need to understand smartphone tech in order to use them successfully. Just know that SNX30 delivers your best ROI as proven by NCGA Winners and farmers like you Through a 70-year leap in ag technology, SNX30 is on track to reduce NPK toxicity over 70% and drive sustainability. Add SNX30 to the RIPE100 Plan to gain over $200 extra per acre.

Here's a comparison: In the early 1920s, Marconi (Italian inventor and electrical engineer) commercialized radio by opening the first radio factory. When radio was revealed to the public, people thought it was a miracle of science.


SNX30 is the miracle-like plant nutrient supplement no one was expecting. It's produced by imprinting energy patterns (cousins to radio frequencies) into a neutral liquid base. If you've heard of nanotechnology for farming, SNX30 is one level more advanced than nanotechnology (subatomic vs. atomic) and simple to use. Compared to microbes/biologicals, SNX30 is two levels more advanced with less hassle plus pre-season payback.


SNX30 delivers nutrient demands (macros and micros) to plants and soil through these frequencies that replace over 70% of the physical liquid nutrients (and cost), while helping to regenerate the soil by reducing toxicity.

Which is most important to your farm operation: yield or ROi? There is no doubt that ROI wins hands down. Our formula coming in Fall 2022 should make you smile about a bigger yield too. Visit our order page for a peek at Fall 2022 (SNX30-XL plus SNX30-CP for crop protection). SNX30 is based on quantum physics and derived from a patented process. If you want to know more about the science behind SNX30, visit physics. 


SNX30 is not affected by too hot or too cold weather. SNX30 is also not affected by volatilization, poor soil structure, weak emergence, denitrification, anaerobic conditions or other elements that hinder your farming ROI. 

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Winter wheat applying SNX30 without nutrients using only last year's residual chicken litter followed by corn. SNX30 wheat yielded a 16.9% increase.

Think of SNX30 like adding a supercharger to boost engine power. SNX30 acts like nature's supercharger to boost nutrient (and microbe) power. It is 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is minimal. Use with all liquid nutrients with in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar plus "at-seed" apps. Also, there are no compatibility issues.

The 4Rs = right rate, right source, right placement, right time.  Since SNX30 can let you use less nutrients you now have the right rate and source. Also, since SNX30 offers zero seed and leaf burn you can now place your nutrients the closest to your target zone. As for the right time, that's up to you and Mother Nature but SNX30 can help give you a teeny bit wider planting window. 

Every dollar has a name and we all know that new farm technology comes at a high cost, so it's easy to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). But, SNX30 provides your BEST ROI ever and can help you overcome FOMO. If you have an eye on precision technology adoption (Y-DROP, etc.), SNX30 can get you there quicker and cheaper. Without SNX30 your dollars are leaving your bank account just like the macros and micros are leaving your farm through leaching and volatilization.


There's an old saying, "You make your money when you buy, not when you sell". You can profit from change by acting now -- or be a victim of change. 

Grow your legacy and not your debt.
SmartNute LLC helps you leave the farm better than ever.


At the very least, you’ll want to run test strips this season so you can join farmers like yourself plus NCGA Winners and prove SNX30 value once and for all -- then go whole-hog next season and forget about high fertilizer prices. Even better, run a few control strips with your standard rate and also run large acreage with SNX30 like many farmers are doing in order to start earlier and increase profit. Simplify your application now with SNX30.