SNX30? What can it 

 do for me and how? 

SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) SNX30 is an energy-like supplement for macro and micro liquid nutrients that swaps places with 83% of physical liquid nutrients (macros/micros). Under $2 acre.


SNX30 is 100% from nature -- there is no plant damage or seed burn or a salt injury problem when using 83% less inputs at-the-seed with no yield loss.  Now you can leave the past and join the future of agriculture.

Here’s the next group of farmers and growers

who will soon be thinking…

“After getting my best return ever I’d be a darn fool to stop using SNX30.”

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SNX30 is on the move...

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Also includes Colombia, South America

Tap into Nature's Intelligence (NI)

Q:  “What’s in SNX30 and how does it work?” These are the questions we get asked the most. 


A:  SNX30 is on track to reduce agricultural pollution and drive sustainability through an 80 year leap in technology.


SNX30 is the miracle-like plant nutrient supplement no one was expecting. It's formulated by imprinting energetic signatures (cousins to frequencies) into a water base (substrate).


This substrate delivers nutrient requirements (macros, micros plus many one-of-a-kind inputs) to plants and soil in an energetic form that replaces 83% of the physical liquid nutrients while also helping to regenerate the soil.

Without going into volumes of science, SNX30 is not affected by weather including too much or too little rain, too hot or too cold or too windy. Plus, SNX30 is not affected by volatilization, runoff, compaction, variable soil conditions, planting depth, poor emergence or any of those other elements that hinder your farming ROI. 

Think of SNX30 like adding a turbocharger to boost engine power. SNX30 acts like nature's turbocharger to boost nutrient (and microbe) power. It's 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is negligible.

The 4Rs = right rate, right source, right placement, right time.  Since SNX30 can let you use 83% less nutrients you now have the right rate and source. Since SNX30 offers zero seed and leaf burn you can now place your nutrients the closest to your target zone. As for the right time, that's up to you and Mother Nature but SNX30 can help give you a teeny bit wider window.

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Look at it this way... If you were living in 1960 and someone told you that in 50 years or so we'd  have tractors with computers that helped with much of the planting and harvesting, would you believe them? Probably not since computers in the '60s required massive areas of floor space. Yet, here we are today with computer operated tractor components that have become a standard in the industry. You'll see, SNX30's 80 year leap in technology can become a standard too and lead the next wave of agricultural innovation.

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Every dollar has a name and it's to your advantage to welcome SNX30 sooner rather than later. Without SNX30 your dollars are leaving your bank account just like the macros and micros are leaving your farm through leaching. You can either support change or be a casualty of change. We all know that new farm technology comes at a high cost and it's easy for us to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). But, SNX30 is less than $2 an acre and provides your best ROI ever. Your neighbors will thank you for introducing them to SNX30.

Grow your legacy and not your debt, "SmartNute allows you to leave the farm better than ever."

IMPORTANT:  SmartNute can help farmers get ahead of new or potential government regulations. If farmers don't start taking our environment seriously government regulations will do it for you through mandates.  Wouldn't you prefer to manage your farm the way you want to?