SNX30??? What can it 

 do for me and how? 

SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) SNX30 is an energetic nutrient input that replaces over 70% of physical nutrient inputs. It's based on nature's proven principles and there is no stem, foliage, flower or fruit damage on the most delicate plants -- including zero seed burn. 

What’s in it?

Q:  “What’s in it?” These are the questions we get asked the most. “How does SNX30 work…”


A: SNX30 is formulated by imprinting energetic signatures i.e. resonant frequencies of quantum wave functions (see Wikipedia) into a pure, safe and clear solution called a substrate in order to deliver the energetic information to plants and soil. The idea behind SNX30 began in 2014 when initial research was completed on resonant frequencies and subatomic particles and how they relate to resonance phenomena. OK, so that's enough science talk...

Using SNX30 on your crops is more environmentally friendly than organic methods. You probably don't know much about quantum physics or subatomic particles (and you shouldn't), and neither do you know much about the inner workings of your smartphone. But, that doesn't prevent you from using your smartphone successfully. You can use SNX30 successfully too without understanding its inner workings.

Think of SNX30 like adding a turbocharger to boost engine power. SNX30 acts like nature's turbocharger to boost nutrient (and microbe) power. It's 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is negligible.

The 4Rs = right rate, right source, right placement, right time.  Since SNX30 can let you use over 70% less nutrients you now have the right rate and source. Since SNX30 offers zero seed and leaf burn you can now place your nutrients the closest to your target zone. As for the right time, that's up to your nutrient choice and Mother Nature.

Look at it this way...  Yes, you are doubtful as you should be. If you were living in 1960 and someone told you that in 50 years or so we'd  have tractors with computers that helped with much of the planting and harvesting, would you believe them? Probably not since computers in the '60s required massive areas of floor space. Yet, here we are today with computer operated tractor components that have become a standard in the industry. You'll see, there's a reason for SNX30 technology and it can become a standard too and lead the next wave of agricultural innovation.

SNX30 time has come and it's to your advantage to embrace it sooner rather than later. Every dollar has a name and without SNX30 your dollars are leaving your bank account just like the NPKS and other nutrients are leaving your farm through leaching.

energetic…means it’s similar to radio-like waves of energy. These waves are finely tuned resonant frequencies from nature.


plant food amplifier… SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) is similar to your sound system amplifier that makes your volume bigger and the quality better. As well, SmartNute increases the quantity and quality of your plant food inputs.

SmartNute better than organic aeroponic lettuce - numerous varieties

SmartNute better than organic aeroponic basil and mint with intense fragrance and flavor.

What Energetic elements included in SNX30 trials help make it a world's first?

1.    B1 and B12

2.   Beet sugar

3.   Sea water

4.   Biochar

5.   Black strap molasses

6.   Carbon

7.   Dolomite

8.   Earthworm castings

9.   Fish fertilizer

10. Humic and fulvic acid

11.  Mycorrhizae 

12. Norwegian kelp

13. NPK

14. Rock dust

15. Seaweed

16. Sugar cane

17. Tupelo honey

dozens more...

Note: These 17+ energetic components... dozens of others that have been included in SNX30 trials duplicate the action of over 90 macro and micro elements including calcium, sulfur, iron, zinc, boron, silica, carbon, molybdenum, selenium, copper, magnesium, manganese and many others including rare earth elements plus 4 produce fragrance and flavor enhancers.


Various cycles such as...


...carbon, N, P, and S cycles are enhanced through energetic action as well as enhancing root structure, microbial and actinobacteria activity,  and tuning the stomata.


Also included... SNX30 trials are 17 proprietary energetic components from years of research dating back to 1984. With SNX30, plants and seeds only take up what they require (mostly in energetic form) to do their best during starter applications (seeds and seedlings), vegetative, flowering and fruiting stages - no nutrient burn ever on seeds or plants.