So what is SmartNute? 

 SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) is a plant food amplifier that relies on nature's proven 

 principles only and there is no stem, foliage, flower, or fruit damage on the most delicate plants. 

SmartNute: newest energetic plant food amplifier

energetic…means it’s similar to radio-like waves of energy. These waves are finely tuned resonant frequencies from nature.


plant food amplifier… SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) is similar to your sound system amplifier that makes your volume bigger and the quality better. As well, SmartNute increases the quantity and quality of your plant food inputs.

SmartNute better than organic aeroponic lettuce - numerous varieties

How to make your fertilizer more efficient

SmartNute was born after investing over 2,000 laboratory, soil, and aeroponic grow tests - totaling over 20,000 hours in R&D.

You benefit from the formulating and testing of over 200 macro, micro, and ultra micro elements and proprietary reagents to ensure your plants stay happy. 

SmartNute better than organic aeroponic basil and mint with intense fragrance and flavor.

What energetic elements included in SmartNute trials help make it a world's first?

1.   Actino bacteria

2.  Azomite

3.   B12

4.   Beet sugar

5.   Bimini water

6.   Biochar

7.   Biogen

8.   Black strap molasses (unsulphured)

9.   Dolomite lime

10. Earthworm castings

11.  Fish fertilizer (cold processed)

12. Horsetail herb 

13. Humic acid

14. Mycorrhizae

15. Norwegian kelp


17. Seaweed

18. Spirulina

19. Sugar cane

20. Tupelo honey

21.  White oak bark



Note: These 21 energetic components that have been included in SmartNute trials duplicate the action of over 90 different elements in nature including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), plus 4 fragrance and flavor enhancers.


Also included in SmartNute trials are 17 proprietary energetic elements stemming from years of research dating back to 1984. Refer to FAQ for the physical elements in SmartNute and how resonant frequencies are captivating the minds of scientists.

With SmartNute, plants only take up what they require (mostly in energetic form) to do their best during vegetative, flowering and fruiting - no nutrient burn ever. 


Believing is seeing the best ever results from your field trial, like Horticulture Manager (ret.) George Kuepper did – even after 30 years of growing.



Quick Overview

1.  Fertilizer and nutrient use reduced; savings over 83%. No hydro EC or PPM checking required (helps eliminate mixing errors).


2.  100% from nature plant food formula, negligible cost and lower labor cost.


3.  Intense fragrance and flavor (hydro/soil). Cut your cost over 800% on those expensive micro-stage nutrients.


4.  Resists against transplant shock, resists pests and disease through a high Brix. Use as a rooting agent too; 40 month shelf life.


5.  No odor or staining, easy to use. Hydro flushing decreased over 83% =  reduced labor. 


6.  No harm to the most delicate plants, end nutrient and fertilizer burn forever (duplicates 90+ nutrient and proprietary reagent actions).


7.  Hydro systems salts buildup reduced over 83%. Less salts buildup means less wear and tear on systems and pumps. Foliar feeding salts buildup reduced to near zero. More... 


8.  SmartNute is positioned to reduce man-made algae blooms over 83% (like the  6,500 sq. mi. Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico plus global algae bloom problems) and also help reduce global pesticide use to renew our decimated ecosystems worldwide.


9.  Nearly 10,000 people have supported SmartNute's quest at and you can also help fight ecosystem damage and reduce your inputs over 80% when you embrace SmartNute too.