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Basic Field Trial Procedure + Reward

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SmartNute  Graduate

When you complete a trial with a simple reporting and conclusion procedure, you'll be rewarded with 2 years worth of SNX30. You can also buy SNX30 without conducting a field trial -- but why?


If you have an average size farm (about 450 acres) this reward can be worth about $2400 (450 acres times 3 trips times 10 gallons). This is the minimum reward. If you have 2,000 acres your reward is nearly $11,000 -- but this is pocket change compared to the savings you can get when using SNX30 to replace 83% of your nutrients with no yield loss. Even so, it's our way of saying thanks in advance for your generous support and insight.


It's your choice to either sit on the sidelines and watch your money disappear with excessive nutrient use, or know that in 2 years with your SNX30 reward and nutrient savings you can load up your bank account with an extra $70,000+ for an average size farm (450 acres) or over $300,000 for a 2,000 acre farm. That's worth a good hunk of tired muscle and sweat to help make a big purchase or investment. 

Since most farmers are not familiar with trials, we're going to make this r-e-a-l-l-y easy for you. You can choose from an easy field trial procedure or the easiest field trial procedure.


Contact: or call/text 941-284-7231 so we can discuss our next step together.

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