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Here's the story...

When I set out to make a thirty year old dream come true, I knew it would be a labor of love and the greatest challenge of my career.


Five years later after non-stop 12-18 hour days, 7 days a week, SmartNute was born.


But, I knew it was only the beginning. My biggest challenge would be to convince growers and farmers to discover the merits of SmartNute through a grow trial.

When I first began approaching growers and farmers to trial SmartNute, I received near zero feedback. However, what little feedback I received was inspiring as it confirmed all my testing.


Whether the limited feedback situation was due to growers being too busy to embrace a "miracle of science" or just pure skepticism, I had to figure out a way to convince them (and you) of the merits of SmartNute.

Then  one day it dawned on me how to resolve this dilemma...


My son took Chewie to the dog park daily and took the overflow of SmartNute produce to the dog park to share with his friends (the dog's masters and sometimes the dogs too).

tomato yellow.JPG

His friends were first treated to beefsteak heirloom tomatoes. They couldn't get enough of them even though I had three dozen trial plants producing bagfuls of these flavorful gems.

Then came the dwarf Cavendish bananas, and they raved about them too, so I planted more banana trees to help satisfy them in the coming years.

tom cherry calico.JPG

Next came the papayas with equal kudos for them -- waiting for the Fairchild mangoes, and then looking forward to calico cherry tomatoes, Genovese basil, cold hardy avocados, white fleshed guavas, white grapes, Fuji and pink lady apples, eggplant, and country gentleman corn, and this is where we are today as I write this confession.

tomato A.jpg

So, I've decided to include testimonials from these "end users", my son's friends who get the joy of eating my produce overflow.


I trust this will help you and other growers realize the major benefits of growing with SmartNute and inspire you to complete your grow trial too.

Believing is seeing the best ever results from your grow trial, like Horticulture Manager (ret.) George Kuepper did – even after 30 years of growing.

Look for these testimonials in the weeks to come!

geoffrey edit_edited.jpg

"As a regular dog park attendee, I can tell you with glee and joy about the delicious, sweet, tender tomatoes I have eaten in the last few weeks. I do not like tomatoes from grocery stores, only homegrown and these are some of the best. Kudos to SmartNute! I am a convert! Thanks!" 

Dr. Geoffrey Kanter

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