Advances in farming technology  continue to aid Mother Nature...

Better than organic® and 18x cheaper, Grow smart with SmartNute...

Newest energetic plant food amplifier (soil or hydroponic),  make your fertilizer more efficient.

Use only 1/6 to 1/18 to 1/40 of the nutrients and liquid/soluble chemical, salt based or organic fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields;  input savings ranging from 83% - 97%, lower labor costs, more... 

Ecosystem pollution reduced over 80%. Increase microbial activity and soil health, reduce fertilizer runoff over 80%, helps resist transplant shock, many other major benefits too.  For hydroponic; reduce nutrient use over 83% and residue and salts buildup over 80%, no PPM or EC checking, more advantages...

SmartNute better than organic papayas

Achieve grow results like this leader, ag author, lecturer, and organic farmer experienced with his grow trial after farming for 30 years...

George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) for Kerr Center for Sustainabie Agriculture.  George has a Master of Science Degree in Agronomy.

"My biodynamic garden has frequently called for Smartnute. I've had the healthiest garden this year

of any I've ever raised."

SmartNute better than organic

bunch white grape vines

Is SmartNute a plant food or supplement?

Yes to both... Think of SmartNute (Nute = nutrient from energy) like your sound system amplifier and how your amplifier can increase volume and resonance. 


As well, the SmartNute blueprint increases the quantity and quality of your plant food nutrition 6x to 18x to 40x.

SmartNute helps minimize heat and transplant shock, and also helps fight pest and disease problems through a high Brix.


Plus, salts residue and leaf burn caused by foliar feeding are no longer a problem when using SmartNute.  More...

Great gift delivered in an anodized aluminum canister.

Yum!  SmartNute better than organic yellow heirloom beefsteak tomatoes -- great foundation for raved-about Mexican food entres.

SmartNute delivers


fragrance & flavor

...and a  

100% from nature

 plant food formula.

SmartNute better than organic basil trial for regenerative soil and hydro growing.

Your choice for  soil or hydro:

You can BUY EIGHTEEN 275 gallon totes of plant nutrients (without adding your SmartNute) for $5,000+ each in order to have 18 totes costing $90,000+ ...


You can BUY ONE 275 gallon tote of plant nutrients for $5,000+ and add  SmartNute to make 18 totes with equal or better grow success.

Same result for small growers...


(only 1/6 to 1/40 required)  For a box of Miracle-Gro, a quart of Advanced Nutrients, a gallon of fish fertilizer, etc. -- and most other liquid or soluble plant foods including your favorites. Save over 83% on input costs for starters, plus reduced labor, etc.

Note: when using fish fertilizer with SmartNute, fish odor is reduced over 83% and helps reduce nighttime critter problem.

What does this mean for the nutrient and fertilizer industry?

Here are more benefits you gain when using SmartNute for hydroponic growing:

Use only 1/8 to 1/40 the amount of nutrients and soluble fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields (save over 83% on inputs). Also use for cloning, teas, foliar.

Delivers intense produce fragrance and flavor, no odor or staining problem when using SmartNute.


Reduces system residue buildup and calcium scale over 83%; helps reduce labor and system component wear. When used with major and minor elements helps minimize pesticide use.  Forty month shelf life. 


No EC or PPM checking required, minimizes necessity for constant back adding of elements (helps eliminate mixing errors and reduces labor expense), plus other benefits.

SmartNute better than organic commercial hydroponic grow coming soon.

How does SmartNute benefit soil-based growing and ecosystems?

SmartNute can help reduce global man-made algae-bloom dead zones and pesticide pollution. 


For example, the world’s largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico can now reverse its damage when SmartNute is embraced to reduce fertilizer runoff toxicity over 83%. Same for Lake Erie...

Use 1/6 to 1/18 of the nutrients and soluble fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields (save over 83% on inputs). Also reduce transplant shock and renew microbial activity too.

These advantages are just a few examples about what it means for the industry – farmers and small growers alike.

SmartNute better than organic soybean crop coming soon.

SmartNute plants display a high Brix reading with a blurry line indicating better quality plant proteins and denser mineral sap, especially calcium to enhance

fragrance and flavor.

SmartNute better than organic red beefsteak heirloom tomatoes beginning to flower.

SmartNute duplicates the actions of phosphates for healthy blooms and root systems... duplicating the actions of potash and nitrogen for healthy fruits and foliage too - including the easy assimilation of water.

SmartNute also duplicates the action of 90+ macro, micro, and ultra-trace elements including enzymes, amino acids,  proteins, vitamins, and proprietary elements to deliver intense fragrance and flavor in your plants and produce.

SmartNute aeroponic Cherokee purple clone after 10 days.

In 1952 the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau  and PA Secretary of Agriculture  endorsed the technology behind SmartNute.

Big Money interests discredited the tech to protect their profits from plummeting.


SmartNute faces a similar challenge from nutrient and fertilizer companies.


Only growers and farmers like you (and government agencies worldwide) can help bring us into the next generation of growing for your benefit plus our ecosystems

SmartNute better than organic papaya grown from Costa Rican seed - you can almost smell the fragrance and savor the flavor through this pic!

Startup promises to advance the nutrient and fertilizer industry...

New technology is emerging rapidly and promises to change everything -- again!


SmartNute is positioned to "change" the global nutrient and fertilizer industry for your benefit. Companies in the nutrient and fertilizer industry can either be a catalyst for beneficial change or they may become a casualty of change.


Albert Einstein predicted the science behind SmartNute and Nikola Tesla developed it (inventor of AC electricity, smartphone technology and more) , along with other scientists, engineers, inventors, PhDs, and doctors. SmartNute brings a new pedigree to the industry!

Advance the industry?  Remember that Hewlett-Packard ( began in a one car garage and took off when they won a contract with the Walt Disney Studios. This  one car garage is where Silicon Valley began -- a historical landmark.

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SmartNute better than organic yellow heirloom beefsteak tomatoes