Also helps reduce

time to build soil health

Dial Back Rates:

Make your nutrient application 6x more efficient

First Option: Use only 1/6 of the liquid salt-based, chemical, or organic nutrients you normally use with equal or better yields. Nutrient savings over 80%, reduce salts over 80%, lower labor and inventory cost.


A few years ago microbial inputs were almost unknown to farmers, and now you have SmartNute to take you to the next level of sustainability.


Second Option: For higher yield using your current nutrient management plan, you can also add SmartNute to increase your NPKS efficiency and boost micros without adding more nutrients.

Think of it like adding a turbocharger to boost engine power. SmartNute acts like nature's turbocharger to boost nutrient (and microbe) power. It's 100% from nature, non-toxic and the cost is negligible.

You can lower your ecosystem pollution over 80%, increase your microbial activity due to healthier soil. Lower nutrient runoff over 80% to help reduce Lake Erie and Gulf of Mexico dead zones, plus reduce stream and groundwater N and P toxicity. Also helps resist heat and transplant shock.  

Use with row and specialty crops in

strip-till, no-till and conventional farming.

We are requesting 17 more farmers for field trials - REWARD offered. Farmers can save $36,518 on NPK  each season on average size U.S. farm (442 acres).  **Extra savings on micros.

Note: The purpose of these field trials is not to prove SmartNute works. It has already been proven to work. We are now seeking more farmer approval.

Coffee Shop Talk... 

Picture yourself sitting with fellow farmers at the coffee shop or among farmers at a convention and you say, “Thinkin' about trying a new input to reduce nutrients over 80%.  Promises equal or better yield...”


After a long and awkward silence, the farmers look at you in total disbelief, laugh and chime in, “Sounds too good to be true. Did ya lose your mind in that Derecho?” 

So what’s the answer? Simple. Don’t breathe a word until you’ve experienced the rewards SmartNute can give you and banked those extra thousands you save on nutrients. Now you can announce to your neighbors, “Call me a liar, but you won't believe how much I saved on nutrients this year after using this crazy new input from nature.”

We know how hard it is for farmers to accept SmartNute as we have one farmer who completed a successful field trial and STILL has a hard time believing it works! Good news is he's willing to give it a second try and run another trial.


Just goes to show you how difficult it can be to change your old way of thinking -- and how much it can cost you. Join farmers who will embrace our invitation with low risk in order to drive up ROI. Give it serious thought (pros vs. cons) and we know you’ll put your family first to make the right decision.

Over 3,000 acres committed for field trials

This satellite imagery below shows SmartNute crop health one month after application. With the exception of the yellow and purple areas with poor field conditions, the crop health is in the range where you like to see it. Contact us for a nutrient management field trial to make your inputs 6x more efficient. 

Colorado experienced one of the worst seasons in over 90 years. Some farmers harvested as little as 5 bpa wheat. Even so, these trial results are worth noting.

Fertilizer input included one application of 30-0-0-3 only. We had a miscommunication with the farmer and the 30-0-0-3 with SmartNute was applied at a rate of 1/48 of control instead of 1/6 of farmer's normal nutrient application.

In simple terms, a 1/48 application means that if you invested $30,000 in fertilizer inputs, you would now invest only $625 using SmartNute - even though 1/48 is not recommended for 30-0-0-3 on wheat. For a 1/6 application you would invest $5,000 instead of $30,000, plus the cost of SmartNute which is negligible.

Even with our miscommunication, SmartNute still gained a .01 bpa advantage over the control when using only 1/48  of the 30-0-0-3 application normally used (bpa ranged from 20.6 - 30). That 1/48 or even 1/6 is a huge savings in fertilizer  input cost.

Colorado wheat fields - the 160 acre wheat field in the foreground includes 2 fields where SmartNute completed the first successful field trial - many more trials to come including corn, beans, rice and hemp.

We have over 3,000 acres committed for field trials, plus 2 Corn Warrior stars from the Corn Wars series who have committed, but we still require field trial endorsements. You can make your nutrients 6x more efficient too with near zero risk. 

Grow your legacy, "SmartNute allows you to leave the farm better than you found it."

IMPORTANT:  SmartNute can help farmers get ahead of new or potential government regulations. If farmers don't start taking our environment seriously government regulations will do it for you through mandates.  Wouldn't you prefer to manage your farm the way you want to?