Advances in farming technology  continue to aid Mother Nature...

Better than organic® and 18x cheaper, Grow smart with SmartNute...

Newest energetic plant food (soil or hydro), make your fertilizer, nutrients, and compost tea more efficient.

Use only 1/6 to 1/18 to 1/40 of the nutrients and liquid/soluble chemical, salt based or organic fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields;  input savings ranging from 83% - 97%, lower labor costs, more... 

Ecosystem pollution reduced over 80%. Increase microbial activity and soil health, reduce fertilizer runoff over 80%, helps resist transplant shock, many other major benefits too.  For hydroponic; reduce nutrient use over 83% and residue and salts buildup over 80%, no PPM or EC checking, more advantages... (100% from nature)

Average size American farm (442 acres) can save $41,106 more on fertilizer per season. Hydroponic growers can do even better.

FREE OFFER for farmers and commercial hydroponic growers

SmartNute better than organic papayas

When you buy or rent more farmland you can turn it around quicker with this solution.

SmartNute Country

Farmers can save $93+ per acre* on fertilizer for corn and $42+ per acre* for soy -- other crops too.

* Based on 2019 Iowa crop yield for corn (198 bu. per acre) following soybeans -- and drilled soybeans (56 bu. per acre) following corn -- other crops too. Hydroponic growers can do even better.

Achieve healthiest grow results like this leader, ag author, lecturer, and organic farmer experienced with his field trial after farming for 30 years...

George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) for Kerr Center for Sustainabie Agriculture.  Master of Science Degree, Agronomy

SmartNute Country

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