Advances in farming technology continue to aid Mother Nature

Make your fertilizer 6x to 18x more efficient

Use only 1/6 to 1/18 of the liquid salt-based, chemical, or organic fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields;  input savings ranging over 80% to 94.5%, reduce salts over 80%, lower labor costs, more...  (100% from nature)

You can also lower ecosystem pollution over 80%. Increase microbial activity and soil health. Reduce fertilizer runoff over 80% to help reduce Lake Erie and Gulf of Mexico dead zones -- also helps resist transplant shock, many other benefits too.  

Season after season you can save $41,106 more on fertilizer each season on average size U.S. farm (442 acres). ** 

Note: One of the farmers who agreed to 2 large field trials says to me, “This sounds almost too good to be true.”


After he spoke I thought, “You wanting to go whole-hog is almost too good to be true for us too.”  You see, the idea for this project sprouted in 1984. In 2014 the money, time and resources were available to develop SmartNute and finally we are getting the word out. 

IMPORTANT:  SmartNute can help farmers get ahead of new or potential government regulations. If farmers don't start taking our environment seriously government regulations will do it for you through mandates.  Wouldn't you prefer to manage your farm the way you want to?

Over 3,000 acres committed for field trials this year

**Producers can save $93+ per acre* on fertilizer for corn and

$42+ per acre* for soybean -- other crops too. 

* Based on 2019 Iowa crop yield (Iowa State University) 198 bu. corn following soybeans -- and 56 bu. drilled soybeans following corn.

Achieve healthiest plant results like this leader, ag author, lecturer, and organic farmer experienced with his small plot trial after farming for 30 years...

George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) for Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  Master of Science Degree, Agronomy

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