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SNX30+ Application for Smallholder Farms

  Simpler is better...


Smallholder farms can use SNX30+ with liquid or dry fertilizer and all NPKs and micros.

bottle 2 ml edit.png

QUICK MIX – In a water tank or pond up to 1000 gallons (3700 liters) that the smallholder farmer uses for a water source for fertilizer application, hold the 2 ml clear glass vial (above) in the water for 20 seconds.


While holding the vial in the water, tap the side of the container a couple times or use a stick to hit the surface of the pond water a couple times to create small waves. That's it.

If the area to be planted is rich in organic matter (2.5% or more) then the fertilizer can be reduced by 50% to 75% using SNX30+ and also increase yield too depending on soil organic matter.


If the soil organic matter is less than 2.5%, then use a full rate of fertilizer and SNX30+ to expect an increase in yield only. 

In each case, in addition to the NPK and micro energetic supplement components in SNX30+, the bio supplement components can also intensify the activity of the microbe populations to enhance the vitality of the soil and plants. Visit for detail.

If using SNX30+ with dry fertilizer, apply the fertilizer first in the field and follow up with clear water potentized with SNX30+ to wet the dry fertilizer and soil.

The red-marked vial retains full potency for 12 months, the white-marked vial for 24 months, and the blue-marked vial for 36 months.

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