Coffee Shop Talk... 

Waitress says, “Have y'all heard about the big fertilizer savings?” 


Farmers stare at her, laugh, and one farmer says, "Too good to be true...but I'm all ears.” 

Many of the benefits attached to SNX30 are pretty far-fetched, so it may be tempting to shrug them off as impossible. But, this is true of most movements that aim to create a better way of doing things. There are enormous economic and social advantages that can be realized through SNX30 when farmers allow its potential. 

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"Craziest thing I've seen but it works."

Q:  What’s in SNX30 and how does it work? 


A:  Refer to the Science Tech page for detail.

Q:   Can I use 50% of my nutrients instead of only 25%?


A:  Yes, but using 50% of your nutrients is wasting money. Better to use less nutrients than more with SNX30.

Q:  What is the ROI? 

A:  ROI can change depending on your growing situation and inputs used. Even so, SNX30 and XL beat all other input products' ROI by a wide margin, Plus, much of your profit comes pre-season through huge input savings.

Q:  Will SNX30 work the same on micros as it does on macros? 


A:  Yes, it works equally as well on micros as on macros.

Q:  Do you have any dealers in my state that could help guide me in using your product?


A:  We have our sights set on a 5,000 dealer network by the end of 2022 with a leading 50 year old ag parts distributor. Even though this network will be focused on sales distribution mostly, we will continue to offer immediate help with your questions through phone or text or email. We won't let you down as this immediate communication is most efficient for you.

Q:  Will SNX30 work with chicken litter or cow manure? 


A:  Yes, it works well with litter and manure, as well as residuals in the soil letting you avoid fertilizers altogether in many cases.

Q:  Is it like nanotechnology? 


A:  No, nanotechnology is atomic based and SNX30 is sub-atomic allowing for a greater spectrum of uses.

Q:  Is it a biomass or biological product? 


A:  No, SNX30 is an energetic product (refer to the Science Tech page for detail).

Q:  Is it safe on my hands? 

A:  Yes, there is no problem with any contact on skin, from the air, etc. Does not stain and odorless.

Q:  How many acres can it cover? 


A:   For example (you may use more or less), at 10 gallons of final solution (nutrients+water+SNX30)  per pass with 3 passes, SNX30 = 360 A. The small SNX30-XL bottle = 945 A, and the large bottle of SNX30-XL covers 3,780 A. No shipping charge.

Q:  Does it work with fish fertilizer and biologicals? 

A:  Yes, including salt-based soluble fertilizers.

Q:  What is the application method? 


A:  Use in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar and "at-seed" type applications, in some cases pivot and fertigation.

Q:  Can SNX30 be used on other crops besides corn and soybeans? 

A:  Yes, SNX30 was developed to work with all nutrients allowing it to be used with plants and trees in diverse climate and soil zones. 

Q:  Can SNX30 be used without fertilizer? 


A:  Yes, depending on the mineral and nutrient availability in your soil. Run soil tests to verify that you have at least a residual 25% of the NPK and micros you require.

Q:  Does it work with fish fertilizer and biologicals? 

A:  Yes, including salt-based soluble fertilizers.


Q:  Compatibility? 

A:  It is compatible with all inputs including chemicals.


Q:  Can you use it with microbes? 


A:  Yes. Use SNX30 with microbes for fastest soil building results. 

Q:  When is the best time to use SNX30? 


A:  The best time to use SNX30 is whenever you are applying nutrients.

Q:  What type planter is needed? 


A:  SNX30 can be used with all planters using tanks for liquid nutrients. No modifications are necessary.

Q:  What is the full strength expiration date?

A:  Forty months for SNX30 and 84 months for SNX30--XL.

Q:  What are rate recommendations? 

A:  Rates can vary from a few gallons to 15-20+ gallons depending on what you want to achieve with your nutrients. Just remember, you will use up to 95% less nutrients depending on crop.

Q:  How does it affect pH? 

A:  SNX30 is neutral.

Q:  How do you mix SNX30? 

A:  It requires no mixing, except when you are using it with nutrients then you'll want to agitate the nutrient mix. If using without nutrients, simply tap the side of the tank a few times.

Q:  What's the best way to store it? 

A:  SNX30 is not affected by light, heat or cold.

Q:  What is the mixing order? 

A:  Mixing order is not important.

Q:  If it's so great why haven't I heard of it before? 

A: It's little-known in America due to Big Ag/Chem lobbying influence delaying the growth of this inexpensive and advanced technology.

Q:  Can you tell me how SNX30 works on canola? 

A:  SNX30 is based on supplementing nutrients in the soil or through foliar feeding. You can use over 70% less nutrients on any plant or tree taking up nutrients through the soil or through foliar feeding including row crops, specialty crops and orchards. Run a few test strips and prove to yourself how well SNX30 works for you. You won't be disappointed and can laugh at rising fertilizer prices!


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