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Coffee Shop Talk... 

Waitress says, “Have y'all heard about the big fertilizer savings?” 


Farmers stare at her, laugh, and one farmer says, "Too good to be true...but I'm all ears.” 

Many of the benefits attached to SNX30 are pretty far-fetched, so it may be tempting to shrug them off as impossible. But, this is true of most movements that aim to create a better way of doing things. There are enormous economic and social advantages that can be realized through SNX30 when farmers allow its potential.  

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"Craziest thing I've seen but it works..."

Most Asked Questions:

Q:  What is the ROI? 

A:  ROI varies depending on your situation and inputs used, but can be as much as 20:1 or greater depending on your organic matter. It's simple math. If you spend $140 an acre on nutrient inputs and $5.16 for the SNX30 to save 75%  ($105) on inputs, that's 20:1 ROI. Most of your profit can come pre-season through fertilizer savings. You can also increase yield depending on fertility. Put your doubts aside right now and join farmers already banking these savings.

Q:  Will SNX30 work with chicken litter or cow manure? 


A:  Yes, it works well with litter and manure, as well as residuals in the soil letting you avoid fertilizer altogether in many cases.

Q:  Is it safe on my hands? 

A:  Yes, plus it does not stain and it's odorless.

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Q:  What type planter is needed? 


A:  SNX30 can be used with all planters set up to use liquid nutrients. No modifications are necessary.

Q:  Compatibility? 

A:  It is compatible with all inputs including chemicals, etc.

Q:  Does it work with fish fertilizer and biologicals? 

A:  Yes, plus it reduces fish odor.

Q:  What is the mixing order? 

A:  Mixing order is not important.

Questions not answered here? Speak with Lee Roberts (Chief Scientist) 941-284-7231 or (FL-USA).

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