Coffee Shop Talk... 

Waitress says, “Have y'all heard about the big fertilizer savings?” 


Farmers stare at her, laugh, and one farmer says, "Too good to be true...but I'm all ears.” 

Many of the benefits attached to SNX30 are pretty far-fetched, so it may be tempting to shrug them off as impossible. But, this is true of most movements that aim to create a better way of doing things. There are enormous economic and social advantages that can be realized through SNX30 when farmers allow its potential.  

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"Craziest thing I've seen but it works..."

Questions and Answers:

Q:  What is the ROI? 

A:  ROI varies depending on your situation and inputs used. Even so, SNX30 beats all other input products' ROI by a wide margin. Most of your profit can come pre-season through fertilizer savings, plus you can also profit from increased yield.

Q:  Do you offer a guarantee? 


A:  Yes, we offer two guarantees, a 48 month full-strength 100% money-back guarantee plus a 24 month 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If at any time during the first 24 months you are not satisfied with the results and ROI using SNX30  you can return for a full refund.  

Q:  Will SNX30 work with chicken litter or cow manure? 


A:  Yes, it works well with litter and manure, as well as residuals in the soil letting you avoid fertilizer altogether in many cases.

Q:  What advice do you have for farmers? 

A: Thinking about the late Francis Childs (first farmer to grow corn yields over 400 bpa) who said, "You have to be willing to change."

Q:  Do you have samples? 


A:  Instead of samples, we offer a new mini bottle that is also covered by our double guarantee.

Q:  Is it a biological product? 


A:  No, SNX30 is an energetic product (refer to the Science Tech page for detail).

Q:  Is it safe on my hands? 

A:  Yes, there is no problem with any contact on skin, from the air, etc. Does not stain and odorless.

Q:  Does it work with fish fertilizer? 

A:  Yes, including soluble fertilizers.

Q:  What is the rate? 

A:  Visit for basic rate and quick application.

Q:  Have you run academic trials? 

A:  Since academic trials' plots can be as small as 5' x 17', we use field trials with farmers' feedback for our R&D.

Q:  Does it work with microbes? 

A:  Yes. Contact us for the best microbes to use.

Q:  What is the mixing order? 

A:  Mixing order is not important.

Q:  I've never heard of you, how can I trust what you say? 


A:  Aside from the many agronomists, a past Board Member of the New York Farm Viability Institute (and farmer), a Georgia Corn Commission Board Member (and farmer), top NCGA corn yield winners, a soil structure and nutrient manager and many other farmers, you can learn about the background of the Chief Scientist and founder of SmartNute LLC at this page.


Q:  Can SNX30 be used on other crops besides corn and soybeans? 

A:  Yes, SNX30 was developed to work with all nutrients allowing it to be used with plants and trees in diverse climate and soil zones. 


Q:  What type planter is needed? 


A:  SNX30 can be used with all planters set up to use liquid nutrients. No modifications are necessary.

Q:  What is the application method?


A:  Use in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar and "at-seed" type applications, in some cases pivot and fertigation.

Q:  How do you mix SNX30? 

A:  It requires no mixing, except when you are using it with nutrients then you'll want to agitate the nutrient mix. If using without nutrients, simply tap the side of the tank a few times.

Q:  If it's so great why haven't I heard of it before? 

A:  It's little-known in America due to Big Ag/Chem lobbying influence delaying the growth of this inexpensive and advanced technology (see Open Letter).

Q:  What is the best application method when using a sprayer? 

A:  If you are foliar feeding use nozzles with fine droplets/mist. If you are spraying SNX30 without fertilizer to take advantage of the residual minerals in the soil when using litter or manure, then use large droplets for better soil penetration.

Q:  Compatibility? 

A:  It is compatible with all inputs including chemicals, etc.

Questions not answered here? Speak with Lee Roberts (Chief Scientist) 941-284-7231 or (FL-USA).