NOTE - SmartNute is ONLY available at this time without charge to farmers conducting field trials.


Farmers can save $82+ per acre on fertilizer -- major savings on other crops too. Savings based on 2019 Iowa crop yield for 198 bu. strip-tillable corn.


Your SmartNute will arrive in an aluminum canister for extra protection during your field trial.


SmartNute Plus+ for farmers - 100% from nature:


Farmers contact Lee Roberts: or 941-284-7231 to request no cost offer for field trial. 


Retail: One-half ounce bottle makes 10,800 gallons of solution (3,600 acres at 3 gallons of final solution per acre). At 3 gallons of final solution per acre your cost is about 27 cents per acre (54 cents per acre for 6 gallons of final solution, etc.).


MOST IMPORTANT, you save over 80% on your liquid fertilizer inputs. SmartNute can also bump up your NPK and boost your micros for increased yield with your regular fertility program without adding more fertilizer.  Includes 40 month guarantee $960. Grow a healthier ecosystem with SmartNute by using 1/6 the amount of your normal fertilizer inputs with equal or better yields.


Wholesale: Requires $9600 minimum order (20 one-half ounce bottles@$480 per bottle).





NO COST to farmers with field trial.

941-284-7231 or