Best Farmer Return on Investment (ROI)

(Farmers using SNX30 for the first time pay at the end of the growing season. Contact us for verification.)


You can also pay by check payable to:


2724 Temple St.

Sarasota, FL 34239


Contact us by phone, text or email if you are sending a check and your SNX30 will be shipped immediately.


SNX30 is 100% from nature – use with organic, liquid salt-based and chemical macro and micro inputs. 


It's your choice to either sit on the sidelines and watch your money disappear with excessive nutrient use, or know that in 2 years with your SNX30 nutrient savings you can load up your bank account with nearly $90,000 extra for an average size farm (450 acres) or over $390,000 for a 2,000 acre farm.


SNX30 Retail: One-half ounce bottle makes 10,800 gallons of solution (3,600 acres at 3 gallons of final solution). At 3 gallons of final solution your cost is about 27 cents per acre (54 cents per acre for 6 gallons, etc.).


MORE IMPORTANT, grow a healthier ecosystem with SNX30 by using 1/6 the amount of your nutrient inputs with no yield loss. You save 83% on your nutrient inputs. Includes 40 month guarantee $960, domestic shipping included. For overseas shipments, please send us your forwarding agent's address in the United States.


SNX30 Wholesale: Requires $14,400 minimum order (30 one-half ounce bottles@$480 per bottle -- contact us).


30-day notice price increase

Best Farmer Return on Investment (ROI)

100% guarantee reduces nutrients 83% no yield loss