An Open Letter to Farmers, Agronomists and Crop Consultants from the Chief Scientist

Hi, my name is Lee Roberts:

Forgive me for begging on my knees….but please.…you will discover in less than one season SNX30 can give farmers the biggest input ROI ever, reduce toxic groundwater and help balance our ecosystem all at the same time.


Seriously, I’m begging for your benefit…

We’re always impressed by the effort successful farmers are willing to exert on applications; inputs, rates, machinery, etc. to try and increase yield or reduce cost. However, there’s not one input product out there coming close to the ROI that SNX30 can give you -- with a lot less effort and a fraction of the upfront cost that promises a pre-season profit worth tens of thousands of dollars in savings each season plus increased yield.

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First, a little background:

Here’s what triggered the discovery of SNX30 to help farmers reduce fertilizer use over 70% while increasing fertility and yield, and why Big Ag and Big Chem combined forces to prevent the spread of a farming phenomenon.


In 1949 The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau ordered their Research Department to make a thorough investigation of Curtis P. Upton’s discovery and experiments. Upton was the son of an associate of Thomas Edison and had inherited his father’s inventive mind.


After a year of tests and observations, during which researchers duplicated Upton’s results, the Farm Bureau made a contract with him and his associates for the exclusive use of their process in Pennsylvania. Verification and many tests and treatment continued and were documented by the Farm Bureau.


Three years later there was even more impressive evidence that Upton’s process produced results. By this time a number of farms in Pennsylvania had been treated to increase yields and to control pests. So successful were the results in terms of cash profit to the farmers, in 1952 thirty of these farmers, all down-to-earth, penny-counting Scotch-Irish or Pennsylvania Dutch, thought it well worth while to contribute no less than $25,000 for further research and development. They were told, and they agreed, that they could not afford not to do so.


All this, of course, was excellent news for farmers, for ecologists and for those who are concerned about food production for an expanding world population. But it was bad news for the chemical and fertilizer industries, which soon heard about this strange threat to their profits, as enthusiastic farmers spread the good news of events from using this service.


It was reported that Arizona growers were so excited with the success of these experiments that they sold some of their surplus chemicals and fertilizer to less fortunate neighbors – which did not thrill the local chemical and fertilizer salespeople when they heard the news. Also, good news about Upton's service was coming in from other parts of the country too.


As the word spread, the chemical and fertilizer industries became increasingly worried. Their representatives did their utmost to laugh off the new process and to discourage farmers from trying it. When that didn’t work chemical and fertilizer companies were forced to try another method. It’s recorded that pressure from ag and chem companies set off a negative public relations program through farm co-ops and others against Upton and his associates, preventing them from enlisting farmers for their service. It worked, and that’s why farmers today haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful science -- until now with SNX30. We have been pushed aside too many times with the comment similar to that of the farmer in the early 1900s who visited the zoo and saw a giraffe for the first time. "There ain't no such animal," says the farmer.

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SNX30 rolled back fertilizer cost to 1984, plus  yield nearly 7% more bushels.

Farmers who first used SNX30 were leery because it seemed too good to be true, but after using SNX30 realize it works better than described. One farmer even told me, "It almost feels like cheating."


Fertilizer prices increased an average 58.5% in 2021, with record high fertilizer prices for 2022 going even higher in 2023. Without SNX30, what have you done about it? Since our NCGA Corn Yield Winners and other farmers have proven that SNX30 works for them, you may want to see how well it works for you too. Months or years from now you don't want to be kicking yourself in the butt after losing 10s of thousands or over a 100 thousand dollars needlessly each season.

Maybe a little more background will help…


As a kid growing up in the city, I always looked forward to the family’s annual trip from California to the Texas Panhandle (we drove since we couldn't afford plane tickets). That was for my Dad’s side of the family. My Mom came from Pennsylvania and my parents couldn’t afford the trip to PA. 


My joy from our Texas trip was visiting the farm lifestyle, but I only saw most of the good. My uncle had (owned?) one or two John Deere implement companies as I knew them, partnered in a huge cattle feedlot, and his sons helped farm the land they owned. Never knew how much land, but my guess it was a lot of acres since they lived a higher standard of living than most people in the area. Even though this was a long time ago, it may have been one of the first steps to inspire me to develop SNX30 years later.

After discovering a little-known science, the idea for SmartNute’s SNX30 came to me but I had neither the time nor money to pursue it. Like most people, I was too busy earning a living to think of much else. But, years later in 2014 the time was right to begin developing SNX30, so I jumped right in and built two labs and 14 test plots. I was lit up!


It took over 7 years to develop the newest SNX30 formula working non-stop 14-18 hours daily, while building the team of independent engineers, farmers, researchers, agronomists, crop consultants, data aggregation experts and inventors to bring SNX30 to you. At first, we found it challenging to get farmer buy-in due to the nature of SNX30 and the unheard-of benefits it offers for farmers and our environment. But now SNX30 has already proven to deliver more than expected.

How is that possible? In one word, "technology". Look at what's happening in the auto industry with the rapid transition to electric cars, or the space industry making more strides achieved in the last two years than the previous fifty years. These major changes are credited to one man; Elon Musk and his Tesla and SpaceX companies. Farming is long overdue for a major advancement too and SNX30 fills that void with flying colors.


Here’s how you can help – and get paid well through your best fertilizer ROI ever:


An ag distributor in South America recently asked me why I developed SmartNute, was it because of my background in farming?  I surprised him with my answer and it may surprise you too.  Prior to SmartNute, I had no farming experience, as my early days were focused on hydroponic growing R&D. During those early days, my brother and I entered a competition sponsored by Sears. He was the sales guy and I was the R&D guy. Sears was looking for a hydroponic system to sell in their stores. My brother and I won the competition with a redwood unit I designed. All the other entries were made from fiberglass and too costly. Unfortunately or fortunately, Sears did not move forward with the project as they believed the timing wasn't optimal. Hindsight says they made the right decision. As you know, timing is everything and now it's time for SNX30.  OK, so the reason I began SmartNute and SNX30 is to protect our global ecosystems, and as the project progressed I began to see exactly how it would align with farming. 


Thanks to farmers...

Thanks to these farmers and others already using SNX30, we are constantly experimenting and learning new benefits that SNX30 brings to the table not only to help farmers with sky-high fertilizer prices and growing healthier crops, but also to help balance our ecosystem, reduce toxic groundwater, keep farmers ahead of government mandates and make their lives a little easier. 


At 37, my interests began focusing on giving back to our planet in a big way since I’d spent my life taking from it. And, years later in 2014 it all started coming together. Since you most likely have a dream and goal too in making a difference, you can connect to what I'm about to say. “Don’t ever give up on your dream and make sure it’s a whopper!”  


Now you can learn what farmers from 24 states and over 20 countries worldwide already know. We look forward to you joining our team too. It can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for the farm. We want you, we need you, but more importantly you need us. Review the links above and come join our team too!


Lee Roberts

Chief Scientist and CDM

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