SmartNute's $100,000 Performance Insurance

"SNX30 is changing the face of agriculture one farmer at a time -- making farming safer for our families."

What is your farm's greatest asset?

Even though SmartNute’s SNX30 is developing a following of farmers who are “believers”, we are still getting resistance as farmers’ impression of SNX30 is, “It must be too good to be true”.


Because of this assumption, a farmer’s opportunity leading to 5% organic matter and sustainability sooner than expected, plus the biggest ROI ever will disappear.

What if we offered a $100,000 performance guarantee? We’d require you to follow our simple instructions of course. We’d also require that you stay in touch with us during the growing season. With this basic request in mind, how would our offer affect your decision to use SNX30 this season to reduce your nutrient cost 83% with no yield loss and also tell other farmers?


Let us know what you'd like this performance guarantee to include. We’re looking forward to your feedback soon at:


The SmartNute Team

NOTE:  You may be wondering how we can consider offering this performance guarantee. Farmers have proven again and again they get the best ROI and ag health benefits with SNX30.​ You see, without going into volumes of science, SNX30 is not affected by weather; too much or too little rain, too hot or too cold, wind, runoff, compaction, poor emergence or any of those other elements that hinder your farming ROI.  SNX30 has one job to do and that is to reduce your nutrient cost 83% with no yield loss -- and it gets that job done every time you use it. Plus, you gain many other benefits for your farm's greatest asset.