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Get Biggest ROI and Plant Health Benefits with SNX30-H

Use 90% LESS  of your regular nutrient rate with SmartNute's SNX30-H Nutrient Supplement. Lowest cost  = 1/2 cent to treat one gallon.

One Year Money-Back Guarantee

Our unchallenged DOUBLE GUARANTEE makes

using SNX30-H a winning proposition.

If at any time during the first year you are not satisfied with the results and ROI using SmartNute's SNX30-H, then return for a full refund. Plus, you also have our 48 month full-strength guarantee.

Quick Support: In addition to credit card, you can also pay by check in the USA. Make check payable to SmartNute, 2724 Temple St., Sarasota, FL 34239. Please include phone number and email address.

RETAIL: Ships next business day. US/Canada shipping incl. in price. Foreign shipping $85. WHOLESALE: Contact us for quantity discount.


Mini = $42 (treats 6,300 gallons)

Small = $157  (treats 25,200 gallons)

Medium = $293  (treats 50,400 gallons) 

Large = $545  (treats 100,800 gallons)

XL = $1008  (treats 201,600 gallons)

Foreign Shipping $85  (US/Canada free)

Need more assurance? Visit here

Problems ordering? Contact or call (1) 941-284-7231 to order.

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