"As Larry agrees, when he can spend $5-6 to get a $40-50 return, he's on it..."

Larry Tombaugh from Streator, IL does what it takes to achieve the best plant and soil health.


Larry is using SNX30 with his macro and micro nutrient applications this season to achieve more bushels, greater soil health and ROI.


Maybe you've read one of his articles in Strip-Till, No-Till, Farm Show Magazine or other publications. Meet Larry at  the National Strip-Till Conference 2021.


NOTE: With SNX30, you can spend less than $2 and return over $99.

Larry was referred to us by Dan Luepkes, a Corn Warrior on the popular show Corn Wars. Dan is also the founder of XtremeAg.farm

Larry realized years ago the importance of micros in addition to NPK and can now reduce his total nutrient cost 83%. Prepare for 2021 with SNX30 and save 83% on your nutrients too.

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 For sustainable ROI-oriented farmers and growers 

Here's the latest of many farmer yield stories describing his use of SmartNute's

SNX30 application at 1/6 the rate of his starter and foliar for corn with no yield loss:


“Hi Lee,


I did use the Smartnute in several applications last spring. I was one of those that misapplied the product in my first couple of batches. In summary of what I did see, where I used the Samtnute with 1/6th rate of starter compared to full rate of starter I couldn't see any difference in yield so I would say it worked as you suggested it would. I also used it with several batches of compost tea. some of these applications were planter applied and a couple as post applied with the sprayer. In each case, I couldn't see a noticeable yield difference. I still have a full bottle of your product that I plan to repeat some of the same comparisons in 2021. I hope this information is helpful to you.++++  Bruce”

Farmers can save over $99 acre** on nutrients applying less than $2 worth of SNX30: 

Bruce was using only 1/6 of the liquid nutrients he normally uses with no noticeable difference in corn yield. That’s what SNX30 does. It saves 83% in nutrient cost with no yield loss. Yield is important, but ROI is most important since that's what goes in the bank. Per an Iowa State University study, if farmers pay $119.68 in NPK and other nutrients for 202 bu corn following corn (SNX30 works with all liquid or soluble nutrients), with SNX30 farmers will pay only $19.95 (plus SNX30 cost = less than $2).**  Farmers save $99.73 when using variable rate. When using fixed rate and farmers pay $348 for NPK and other nutrients for 202 bu corn, with SNX30 farmers pay only $58 and save $290 with corn following corn. Farmers can now get greater ROI than variable rate and precision practices with little upfront investment in money and time. 

** Iowa State University 202 bu. corn: Based on cost of crop production in Iowa - 2021

How the first field trials  exceeded expectations

Colorado experienced one of the worst seasons in over 90 years. Some farmers harvested as little as 5 bpa wheat. Even so, these results are worth noting.

Fertilizer included one application of liquid 30-0-0-3. We had an application error and the 30-0-0-3 with SNX30 was applied at a rate of 1/48 of control instead of 1/6 of Mike's normal nutrient application.

In simple terms, a 1/48 application means that if a farmer spends $60,000 in fertilizer inputs, with SNX30 that cost is $1,250 ($60,000÷48), even though 1/48 is not advised. For 1/6 application with SNX30, farmers spend $10,000 instead of $60,000 ($60,000÷6), plus the SNX30 cost which is negligible.

Even with our application error, SNX30 still gained a .01 bpa advantage over the control (20.6 - 30 bpa average). At 1/6 application farmers' ROI is the biggest ever. The soil is less sick, has less salt, machinery corrodes less, labor and inventory is less, less grain cart and semi trips than farmers chasing more bushels for less profit. Is the More-On Theory making sense now?

Colorado wheat fields - the 160 acre wheat field in the foreground includes 2 fields where SNX30 completed the first successful field trials. Farmers can now make nutrients 6x more efficient with low risk in order to get the biggest ROI ever. Plus, SNX30 may also help farmers gain carbon credits through managing nitrogen and phosphorus reduction over 80%.  

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"Farmers and growers prove again and again they get the biggest ROI and ag health benefits with SNX30."​

Gain healthiest grow results with SNX30 like this agronomist, author, lecturer and organic farmer experienced after farming for 30 years...

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George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) for Kerr Center for Sustainabie Agriculture.  Master of Science Degree, Agronomy