Farmers and growers prove again and again they get the 2nd BIGGEST INPUT ROI and crop health benefits with SNX30.


Gain the healthiest grow results with SNX30 like this agronomist, organic farmer, ag author and speaker achieved after 30 years of farming.

George Kuepper: Horticulture Manager (ret.) for Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  Master of Science Degree, Agronomy

According to Jim Hoorman, soil specialist, healthy plants have less disease and pests.

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2nd Season Advocate

Wallace Anderson Farm of Elijay, GA -- 32% yield increase using SNX30 with over 70% less nutrients. 

 3 Time NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner 

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 Over 70% less nutrients. 

Pre-Season Profit is our unmatched promise

Welcome to next-generation farming:

First field trials in 2020 win Flying Colors

Colorado experienced one of the worst seasons in over 90 years. Some farmers harvested as little as 5 bpa wheat. Even so, these results are worth noting.

Fertilizer included one application of liquid 30-0-0-3 at over 70% less than Mike Rother's full nutrient application (yield exceeded the control). Mike is one of the original Corn Warriors too, and also #1 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner for Colorado.

In simple terms, with over 70% less than the normal input rate, the farmer's input R.O.I. is the biggest ever -- the plants are healthier, the soil is healthier (has less salt and chemicals, less compaction, plus more microbes), the machinery corrodes less, and labor and inventory are less, plus more yield up to 7%. Compare that result to farmers handling 4X more nutrient inventory, with more cash tied up, extra labor, more corrosion, etc. and chasing more bushels for less profit. Is this better way of farming with SNX30 starting to make sense now?

Colorado wheat fields - This 160 acre Arapahoe, CO wheat field (one of many for Mike who farmed thousands of acres) in the foreground includes 2 fields where SNX30 completed the first successful field trials. Farmers can now make nutrients over 70% more efficient to get the 2nd biggest ROI ever. Plus, SNX30 may also help farmers gain carbon credits through managing nitrogen and phosphorus reduction over 70%. 

 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Winner 

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 Over 70% less nutrients.