Microdosing for SNX30 and Nutrient Application

  Simple but different...


Use with liquid starter, in-furrow, 2x2x2, pivot, fertigation, Y-drop, foliar and "at-seed" type applications.

REDUCE MACRO/MICRO NUTRIENTS 83%: When you are making 30 or more gallons of final solution (1/6 of your regular nutrient inputs + water) add ONE drop of SNX30 for each 30 gallons. First give your bottle a couple of shakes.


FOR EXAMPLE, if your tank holds 600 gallons of final solution now use only 100 gallons (1/6) of your regular final solution. Now add 20 drops of SNX30 (600 ÷ 30 gallons per drop = 20 drops). Fill the remainder of the tank with water. No need to “mix in” SNX30 as it will be ready by the time you reach the field. 


If you have any questions about your application, contact us by phone, text or email. 


At first these steps may seem odd to  you, but after a couple test strips you'll realize it's as simple as reducing your inputs to 1/6 of your regular nutrient formula and making up the difference in water when filling your tank. You will continue to use your normal rate (3, 5, 10, 20 gallons, etc.). 


No need to think about "acres", but rather think about gallons of final solution when filling tanks, then proceed with the application at your usual rates. We all go through the same "rethinking" process.


TO DO: Run a couple test strips before using on full acreage to ensure you get the application correct. It's easy, but different.


In order to get started with SNX30 this season, a simple test is to use your normal application for starter and your test application at 1/6 your normal application with SNX30. Note that you can begin at any growing stage and not just at starter.


When you are ready for your next nutrient application, first verify that all your strips are similar in growth, then use SNX30 on the remainder of your crop. Thanks for your help in moving sustainability forward with us. 

Send your pics, questions or comments to ItsBetterThanOrganic@gmail.comRefer to this page  (dosing.help) for microdosing updates.

Making more than 30 gallons and using foliar:

IF YOU ARE USING a boom sprayer, pivot system, etc. and need to make large amounts of inputs, remember to use one drop of SNX30 in your tank/reservoir for each 30 gallons of final solution (macro/micro nutrients at 1/6 + water = final solution). 


WHEN USING FOLIAR, begin testing with 1/6 of the foliar application you normally use as you may be able to use 3X less (1/18). You can use foliar with a late afternoon, eve or early morning application with evening (especially after rain) being best. Avoid evening foliar if you have a potential fungi problem. Over 70 degree weather is ideal, but mid-eighties and above can cause problems. Ideal pH for optimal nutrient absorption is from 5.2 to 6.4 with a 6.8 maximum.

Foliar sprays should include small amounts of solution with a high point of deliquescence including Sea Crop, magnesium chloride, potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate in order to hold your foliar application longer on the leaf. Deliquescence = humidity point in the air where a leaf droplet will stay wet or dry.


A ONE-HALF OUNCE BOTTLE of SNX30 has 360 drops that make 10,800 gal. (360 drops X 30 gal. per drop = 10,800 gal.)

SNX30 can be used with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides when applying your nutrient inputs.

Savings Calculator

Wouldn't you rather pay for one tote of nutrients + SNX30 with no yield loss and healthier plants...

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Or would you rather pay for 5 extra totes to get equal the yield of one tote + SNX30?

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= Money lost using old method

You can continue to sit on the sidelines and watch your money disappear with excessive nutrient use. Or, know that in one year with your SNX30 nutrient savings you can load up your bank account with over $43,000 extra for an average size farm (450 acres) or over $191,000 for a 2,000 acre farm.


There's no use paying for what you don't need. Can you really make sense of wasting all those nutrients (conventional or organic) and throwing away thousands on thousands of dollars when you pay for 5 wasted totes?