Use with liquid starter, in-furrow, 2x2, fertigation, and foliar type applications.

Forget everything you ever learned about mixing plant nutrients and fertilizer. You’ve just entered an energetic plant food amplifier world where you can produce more with less – and it can be better for you and our environment. The example below is for making one gallon of solution. Making 300 or 3,000 or 30,000 gallons or more is just as simple.

First step, in your black measuring container add 30 ounces of clear water.

Second step, give your amber SmartNute bottle a couple of shakes. Now add ONE drop of SmartNute to the 30 ounces of water in your black container and shake a couple times.


In a separate 1 gallon container (like a plastic milk jug), add 1 ounce of the solution from your black container.


If you’re growing in soil, you will now use only 1/6 to 1/18 of the liquid fertilizer you normally use for a gallon of mixed nutrients. Add the amount you select (1/6 - 1/18) to the gallon container. This is the step that puts a big smile on your face...


Now top off the 1 gallon container with clear water. Shake a few times and YOU'RE DONE. You just made 1 gallon of final solution.

After reviewing the information below, if you have even the slightest question about dosing, do contact me by phone, txt, email  (941-284-7231 or

(Do not use with anhydrous ammonia)

Reduce your fertilizer use to 1/6, 1/18, 1/40...

For farmers, begin using 1/6 your normal fertilizer rates and gradually reduce your input rates to 1/18 depending on higher NPK used when growing in soil. 


If you’re using hydroponic or aeroponic methods you can begin with 1/8 the nutrients you normally use and gradually reduce your input use to 1/40 if you’re using high NPK for large leaf basil, lettuce or other leafy greens.

With SmartNute you can help reduce ecosystem pollution over 80% including reducing your salts buildup over 80% too. Keep out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing your SmartNute near electromagnetic waves i.e. cell phones, microwaves, computers, fluorescent lights, etc.


When not in use, keep your SmartNute in the aluminum canister to protect from electromagnetic waves. Send your pictures, questions, and comments to

Making more than 30 gallons:

Your 30 ounces of water in the black container (with one drop of SmartNute) make 30 gallons of solution when you add the reduced amount of fertilizer. If you are using a boom sprayer or pivot system and need to make larger amounts of inputs, remember to use one drop of SmartNute for each 30 gallons of mixed  solution (reduced fertilizer dose + SmartNute + water = mixed solution). A one ounce bottle of SmartNute has 720 drops that make 21,600 gal. (720 drops X 30 gal. per drop = 21,600 gal.)

For example, if you’re a farmer using 2 gallons of liquid fertilizer per acre (or lesser or greater amounts), you will now use only 1/6 that amount to begin. You will gradually reduce your inputs to 1/18 depending on your crop and higher NPK used.

Notice:  After learning about SmartNute you may be thinking this sounds almost too good to be true.  Or, maybe the term "snake oil" has crossed your mind. Contact me at to eliminate any disbelief.  I will give you a link to 107 endorsements about Lee Roberts in order to put your mind at ease.