Microdosing for SNX30 and SNX30-XL Nutrient Application

  Simple but different...


Use with liquid starter, in-furrow, 2x2x2, Y-DROP, pop-up, side-dress, top-dress, banding, foliar and "at-seed" type applications; in some cases pivot and fertigation.

SNX30-XL  Application

Just as Henry A. Wallace introduced hybrid corn 100 years ago and changed the face of farming forever, SNX30-XL is positioned to make the next big change. Where would farmers be today without hybrid corn?


Since SNX30-XL is unlike anything you’ve ever used, know that it’s simpler to use than what you are doing right now, but different. Once you fill a tank or two you’ll realize it’s pretty basic to do and wonder why you made it seem so difficult!  Let’s get started:


Fill a clean 5-gallon container with 2 gallons of water. Use your included 32 oz. measuring container to add 59 ounces more water. With one gallon equaling 128 oz. you now have 315 oz. of water (about 2.5 gallons) in your 5-gallon container. Turn your SNX30-XL bottle upside down a couple times and use the dropper to squeeze out ONE drop of this solution into your 315 oz. of water. After you add ONE drop only, tap the side of the 5-gallon container a few times. The 315 oz. of water represent 315 gallons of final solution (water+nutrient+SNX30-XL). When you add your formula to your tank, also tap the side of the tank a few times.


For example, if you have a 600-gallon tank of nutrients, now use only 150 gallons of nutrients if you are using 75% less of your regular rate (see chart above). Add 1 drop of SNX30-XL (1 drop = 315 gallons) to the nutrients in your tank. You still have 285 gallons to complete your 600-gallon solution. Use your measuring container to add 285 oz. of water from your 5-gallon container to your tank and then top off your tank with regular water. SNX30-XL does not require mixing (only a few taps) but your nutrients do. If you are using a 200-gallon tank, measure out 200 oz. of SNX30-XL solution from your 5-gallon container, add the reduced rate of nutrients (see chart below), then top off the tank with regular water. The mixing order is not important.


Reverse engineering, copying, transferring or using SNX30-XL or SNX30 in any way other than described will cause the formula to neutralize and void any guarantee.

SNX30  Application

When using SNX30 with 30 or more gallons of water combined with your nutrient at 50% to 95% less than your normal rate, add ONE drop of SNX30 for each 30 gallons of final solution (final solution = water + nutrient + SNX30).

For example, if you have a 600 gallon tank of nutrients, now use only 150 gallons of your regular rate, or 75% less, depending on the crop (see chart below). Next add 20 drops of SNX30 (600 gallons ÷ 30 gallons per drop = 20 drops) and top off the tank with regular water. SNX30 does not require mixing (only a few taps) but your nutrients do. 


Let's say you are mixing 125 gallons of final solution. You will now add 4 drops of SNX30 (30 gallons X 4 drops = 120 gallons). Since you are still 5 gallons short, use your 32 oz. measuring container to make 30 ounces of water with one drop of SNX30 to use smaller amounts under 30 gallons. Each ounce of SNX30 in your measuring container now represents one gallon of final solution. Add 5 ounces of solution from your measuring container to your 120 gallons for a total of 125 gallons. The mixing order is not important.

chart 5-16-22.PNG



(No mixing order required) Making 50 gal of final solution with your measuring cup: Take 50 oz. from the 2.5 gal you made in your 5 gal bucket, which includes ONE drop of XL, and put it in your 50 gal tank. Now add your nutrients according to the Savings Chart. We recommend 75% less inputs than your conventional rate. Top off the tank with water. Done. See below for bigger tanks:


100 gal = 100 oz. with you measuring cup

150 gal = 150 oz.                                       "

200 gal = 200 oz.                                     "

250 gal = 250 oz.                                      "

300 gal - 300 oz. or 1 drop                     

350 gal = 1 drop plus 35 oz.                 "

400 gal = 1 drop plus 85 oz.                "

450 gal = 1 drop plus 135 oz.               "

500 gal = 1 drop plus 185 oz.               "

550 gal = 1 drop plus 235 oz.              "

600 gal = 1 drop plus 285 oz.             "              650 gal = 2 drops plus 20 oz.            "

700 gal = 2 drops plus 70 oz.            "

750 gal = 2 drops plus 120 oz.          "

800 gal = 2 drops plus 170 oz.          "

850 gal = 2 drops plus 220 oz.         "

900 gal = 2 drops plus 270 oz.         "

950 gal = 3 drops plus 5 oz.              "

1000 gal = 3 drops plus 55 oz.          "

NOTE: For SNX30 and SNX30-XL, add 10% more solution from your 5 gal bucket when using in wet conditions or expecting a rain event. For example, if you are using a 600 gal tank your total ounces of solution = 1 drop (315 oz) + 285 oz.

Use as FOLIAR:

You can use the same rate application method as with banding, starter, etc. Use your foliar application with a late afternoon, eve or early morning application with evening (especially after rain) being best.


Avoid evening foliar if you have a potential fungi problem. Over 70 degree weather is ideal, but mid-eighties and above can cause problems. Ideal pH for optimal nutrient absorption is from 5.2 to 6.4 with a 6.8 maximum.

Foliar sprays should include small amounts of solution with a high point of deliquescence including Sea Crop, potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate in order to hold your foliar application longer on the leaf. Deliquescence = humidity point in the air where a leaf droplet will stay wet or dry.

SNX30 and SNX30-XL can be used with pesticides; herbicides, fungicides, nematicides.