April 23, 2021

Here’s a tidbit we’d like to share about the More-On Theory. We’re all guilty of participating, some more than others.  So... It’s good to be reminded about the More-On Theory every once in a while.


It goes like this, “If a little is good, More-On is better. More-On can also be spelled like this: m-o-r-o-n.”


To date, the only “fails” using SNX30 happened through wrong application and failing to use control strips to monitor field results properly.  SNX30 cost is negligible.


SNX30 has one job to do and that is to reduce your liquid macro, micro and microbe input cost 83% with no yield loss. It gets that job done when applied correctly. Farmers can now gain many other unexpected ROI benefits too.


Why the application fails? SNX30 is simple to use, but opposite in application to what farmers normally use (less gets more with SNX30). Farmers can now get the best ever ROI.

If this theory gives you a laugh because of being a "more-on" at times (we are), then we're already off on the right foot.


We’ve also had a teeny bit of resistance from farmers not wanting to use control strips and this can cost $10s of thousands through faulty observations.


Over the past 7 years we’ve had many and much bigger obstacles challenge us to bring SNX30 to farmers this season. These most recent issues are minor in comparison and a blip on the radar.


We don’t expect to be perfect, but rather determined and persistent.


As it is, these SNX30-farmer issues are basic and simple to fix -- unlike the shipping/storing, timing and high cost issues associated with using microbes.


Don’t get us wrong -- we love soil microbes. We developed a formula to reduce microbe application rates by 83% with no yield loss. Reach out to us at contact if you use Pivot Bio, AgBiome, Indigo Ag or other microbe products.

Once a farmer changes the more-on mindset with SNX30 they are on the path to saving 83% that quick.

Newest Applications:


1. In Georgia: Wheat (4-10”) 20 acres foliar @ 20 gal water and SNX30 only, no nutrients, testing SNX30 with residual soil nutrients’ (poultry litter) response.


2. In New York: Corn, Wheat, Grass, 100 acres strip-till, in-furrow, side-dress, y-drop (fall and spring manure then 28-0-0 @ 83% less), 10-20 gal, organic matter 2.5.


3. In Illinois: Corn and Beans, starter, in-furrow, 2x2, foliar, at-seed, 3-18-18.


4.  In Colombia, South America: drone foliar, 25 acres organic pineapple.

5. In Wyoming: Corn on 500 acres using pop-up and side-dress.


More to come, check back for new applications. SNX30 is the miracle-like plant nutrient supplement no one was expecting. 

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