Here's the tissue analysis data with a twist that so many farmers and others have asked about.


Data is for the Rick Cook Farm. Go to the bottom of the home page and see the healthier SNX30 fields verses the control field -- even though the conventional data to the right says different.


The purpose of these leaf tissue results is not to show you what minerals are adequate or otherwise. But, to let you know that using conventional tissue sampling methods from a conventional lab can deceive you. Simply because SNX30 is an energy supplement input and not a physical input like the nutrients you are using. Welcome to the future of farming.


As discussed on the Tech 2 page, SNX30 delivers macro and micro requirements to plants and soil in an energy form that replaces 83% of the physical liquid nutrients. SNX30 is nature's supercharger and gets more done with 83% less NPK and micros. We don’t have to convince you of the benefits gained here.


SNX30 cannot be measured with conventional methods. That would be like trying to measure a wavelength with a yardstick. You would be using the wrong tool. SNX30 is based on quantum physics. If you want to know more about the science behind SNX30, do contact us.

 East Field -- SNX30 at 83% less nutrients

rick cook east smartnute.PNG

Middle Field -- no fertilizer

SNX30 crops using 83% less nutrients can show mixed results with conventional analysis -- yet grow a greener and healthier crop like the one-sixth of full rate used on the Rick Cook Farm and other farms.


Also, coming at the end of this season are data aggregation results from trials at Arva Intelligence Research Center. 


These yield results will prove again you should have started using SNX30 last season. Begin using SNX30 at any point in the season. Don't wait any longer to put a bundle of money in your bank account too.

rick cook middle no fert.PNG

West Field -- full rate

The data aggregation results from trials at Arva Intelligence Research Center are on the innovative edge of crop data science solutions. They deliver a 360 degree focus on ground types, crop plan, data aggregation and post harvest analysis.


Arva Intelligence helps uncover crop challenges and reducing production cost to deliver increased crop health, yield and return on investment.

Move down to the next frame to get an early preview of the Arva research progress for SNX30.

rick cook west control.PNG
Matt - Arva Intelligence 7-17-21.jpg

Here's an early preview of the 70 day growing stage for this Arva Intelligence research field. This SNX30 field endured 218% of normal rainfall with over 15" of rain within a 48 hour window. You will notice the respectable green color in the leaves, including the full ears while using 83% less macros and micros with a minimum of leaching.


So, what will you do about your high fertilizer costs? Continue to complain about it and flush away your money? Or, act now and begin using SNX30?