Better and 6x cheaper than organic, the future for

SmartNute is now...

(hydro or soil) SmartNute may grow the next generation of fruits, veggies, row crops,

cannabis and hemp.

Use only 1/6 to 1/8 of the nutrients and soluble fertilizers you normally use with equal or better results -- inputs savings over 80%. With SmartNute (Nute = nutrient) 

you can regenerate microbial activity, sequester

more carbon. Many other major benefits too.

SmartNute is a

100% from nature

plant food formula

...and delivers


fragrance & flavor

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Is SmartNute a plant food or a supplement?

Yes to both, but not in the way you are thinking. Think of SmartNute like an amplifier for your sound system similar to the way it can increase the volume and resonance of your music, SmartNute works to increase the quantity and quality of your plant food nutrition.

SmartNute minimizes heat and transplant shock, and also helps fight pest and disease problems through a high Brix. Plus, salts residue and leaf burn caused by foliar feeding are no longer a problem when using SmartNute. 

Since organic growers and hydroponic growers are in disagreement over the use of the word "organic", the time is right for SmartNute to present Better Than Organic™ , a natural marriage of SmartNute with organics, veganics, salt-based methods, compost teas, microbial, or hydroponics.

Achieve grow results like this leader, ag author and lecturer, and organic farmer experienced after farming for 30 years...

"My Biodynamic garden has frequently called for Smartnute. I've had the healthiest garden this year of any I've ever raised."

What does this mean for the nutrient and fertilizer industry?

How does SmartNute benefit soil-based growing?

SmartNute can reduce global man-made algae-bloom dead-zones and pesticide use. For example, the world’s largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico can now reverse its damage when SmartNute is embraced to reduce fertilizer runoff toxicity over 80%.


Use 1/6 of the nutrients and soluble fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields (save over 80% on inputs). Also reduce heat and transplant shock, and renew microbial activity. These advantages are just a few examples about what it means for the industry – farmers and small growers alike.

Here are more great benefits you gain when using SmartNute for hydroponic growing:

  • Use 1/8 the amount of nutrients and soluble fertilizers you normally use with equal or better yields (save over 80% on inputs). Also use for cloning, teas, foliar.

  • Delivers intense produce fragrance and flavor, no odor or staining  problem when using SmartNute.

  • Reduces system residue buildup over 80% allowing reduced labor and system component replacement.

  • Helps minimize pesticide use plus 40 month shelf life. 

  • No EC or PPM checking required, minimizes necessity for constant back adding of elements (helps eliminate mixing errors and reduces labor expense), plus other benefits unheard of in the hydroponic industry.

SmartNute plants display a high Brix reading with a blurry line indicating better quality plant proteins and denser mineral sap, especially calcium -- to multiply yield

fragrance and flavor.

SmartNute duplicates the actions of phosphates for healthy blooms and root systems

By duplicating the actions of potash and nitrogen for healthy fruits and foliage - including the easy assimilation of water.


Our formula also duplicates the action of 90+ macro, micro, and ultra-trace elements - and amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and beneficial bacteria to deliver intense fragrance and flavor in your plants and produce.

Grow results can depend on many variables. We would like to caution growers not to have expectations their own experience will be as dramatic as cases cited for SmartNute on websites or videos...

Likewise, do not deny yourself the success that can be yours because others (even science-minded people), challenge the "miracles" of SmartNute. Stay open-minded and decide for yourself the success you can achieve through your personal grow test!

Startup pulls-the-trigger to disrupt the nutrient and fertilizer industry!

New technologies are emerging rapidly and promise to change everything -- again.


Albert Einstein predicted the science behind SmartNute and Nikola Tesla developed it. SmartNute is positioned to disrupt the global nutrient and fertilizer industry. Companies in the nutrient and fertilizer industry will either be a catalyst for change or they will be a casualty of change. 


"Always listen to the experts. They will tell you what can't be done and why. Then just do it."  --Albert Einstein

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