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Reduce fertilizer use over 70%, gain 12 bpa or more yield with SNX30.

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Not available in Wisconsin

*Rice growers/fertigation users please contact us before ordering.

Our unchallenged DOUBLE GUARANTEE makes our inputs a winning team.

At any time during the first 6 months you are not satisfied with the results using SmartNute products, return for a full refund. I also promise full-strength for at least 12 months.

Quick Support: In addition to credit card, you can also pay by check in the USA. Make check payable to SmartNute, 2724 Temple St., Sarasota, FL 34239. Please include your phone number and email address.

RETAIL: Ships within 2 business days. Shipping included in price.  You will receive an email receipt confirming your order.

Problems ordering? Contact or call 941-284-7231 to order (FL-USA).

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Biological Supplement

The SN-Bio52 energetic soil and plant supplement intensifies the activity and results of the biology in the soil and plants. It has none of the negative characteristics such as heat, cold, and time constraint plus storing issues like the regular microbial products. Visit here for detail. Select below:

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Not available in Wisconsin

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SNX30 + SN-Bio52 = SNX30+

When you want the best of both worlds for your crops and soil, SN-Bio52 combined with SNX30 is the answer.  Now you can reduce your fertilizer over 70%, increase yield, be a better steward of the land and do more to protect it. I've named this double-header supplement SNX30+ and it's only 25% more.  Select below:

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Not available in Wisconsin

Here we are 100 years later and SNX30 is the miracle-like fertilizer supplement no one was expecting. It's produced by imprinting energy patterns (cousins to radio frequencies) into nutrients and also used for dry fertilizer, poultry litter, manure, plus seed and soil treatments too. 

Better Business Bureau

verified -- no complaints

7 Vital Facts Prove SNX30 Farmers can be the Winners in Ag

Years ago I committed to developing a plant food anomaly to reduce ag pollution and increase yield. Today I'm the Chief Scientist. 


Little did I realize the challenging journey that was ahead of me...

Rewards from my journey? Visit here for stories from NCGA yield winners and agronomists and also read below what the Department of Agriculture said about SNX30.

SNX30 = Profitability

Here's why farmers can be their own worst enemies: 


If all this sounds hard to believe you're not alone and it's expected. So, think about a comment I made on a well-known farmer's YouTube channel.


This NCGA yield winner, also one of the original corn warriors said, “Back in the day…when we moldboard plowed in the Spring, which I don’t know why we did that, but we did. Looking back it seems like it was pretty dumb.”  


My reply: “Just think, in 10 or 20 years from now you can look back and see how dumb your methods are today.”

SNX30 can help put you 10 or 20 years ahead of other farmers and let your crops be the envy of neighbors this season.


Sometimes the truth hurts...but it doesn't have to when you're willing to change.

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...from the inventor and Chief Scientist

NCGA yield winners and agronomists who first used SNX30 were leery because it seemed too good to be true.


Many farmers said, "I can't wrap my head around it."


Even so, they realized it worked better than expected. One farmer told me, "Almost feels like cheating." Lee Roberts, Chief Scientist

Selecting any one of these choices below takes you to a simple one-step checkout:

Mini = $240  60 Acres @ $4.00 per acre 

Small = $885  240 Acres @ $3.70 per acre 

Medium = $1620  480 Acres @ $3.40 per acre

Large = $2960  960 Acres @ $3.10 per acre


XL = $5380  1920 Acres @ $2.80 per acre

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Farmer Update

Multi-Season User

Record yield increase of 10.3% with low 0.9% -- 1.5% organic matter. Get better yield using SNX30 with higher soil organic matter.

After 9 years development + 4 years of field growing, the SNX30 fertilizer supplement continues to increase farmer profitability

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Q:  What advice do you have for farmers? 

A: Agweb quote from Bill Jones of Champaign and Vermilion counties in Illinois and his triple crop soybean success, “Some farmers don’t try anything new because they’re afraid to fail; afraid of the bulls*** they know others will throw at themIf you’re afraid of criticism, then your farm will never be near what it could be.”

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You may want to think about a statement by Kevin Kalb, a 15-time NCGA winner, “There's so much more potential out there than just doing the normal stuff", as he reported in Successful Farming magazine.


The Discovery: 

Albert Einstein predicted this little-known science used to develop SNX30 was destined to evolve -- and Nikola Tesla and other notable scientists, inventors, engineers and PhDs have developed it throughout the years to help advance farming and better our health.


Of these inventors pioneering the science supporting SNX30, Nikola Tesla also invented AC electricity that we use in our daily lives. Plus, he also pioneered radio communication (think cell phones and radios) and was granted more than 100 U.S. patents including hydroelectric power. He is a big part of the history of the science behind SNX30.


Here's what triggered the discovery of the SNX30 fertilizer supplement as a quick and simple to use input for the best fertilizer ROI using less fertilizer, increasing yield or both

It all starts off with a little-known story about how Big Ag and Big Chem combined forces to prevent the spread of a crop protection and yield increasing phenomenon for farmers. Three men (Upton, Armstrong, Knuth) developed this method over 70 years ago to reduce/eliminate crop pests without the use of chemicals and also to increase yield.


Beginning in 1949 the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau ordered their Research Department to make a thorough investigation of Curtis Upton’s discovery and ag experiments. Upton was the son of an assistant to Thomas Edison.


After a year of tests, the Farm Bureau made a contract with him and his associates for the exclusive use of their process in Pennsylvania. Many tests and trials continued and were documented by the Farm Bureau.


As word spread, the chemical and fertilizer industries became worried. Their salespeople did their best to laugh off the new process and discourage farmers from trying it. When that didn’t work, chemical and fertilizer companies were forced to try another method.


Pressure from chemical companies through agricultural organizations set off a negative public relations program through farm co-ops and other groups against Upton and his associates, preventing them from enlisting farmers for their service. This negative public relations program worked well and that’s why farmers today haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful science -- until now with SNX30

Bruce 8-6-21 A.jpg

Multi-Season User

 * 6 Time NCGA Corn Yield Winner

Rick selfie 8-7-21.jpg

"Here's to SNX30"

Rick Cook of Lingle, WY says it best!

How does SNX30 perform after planting in WET and COLD conditions?

Rick Cook Farms, comparing strips with SNX30 after persisting extremes of wet and cold weather events during planting -- then jumping to 105 degrees.


Planting in "Wyoming sand", the deeper green color of the SNX30 rows becomes apparent in the field pic, plus reducing fertilizer cost over 70% without sacrificing yield (while ignoring criticism from his family and neighbors). 


The following season planting in 0.9% to 1.5% soil organic matter grew yield 12 bpa. Higher organic matter can increase yield even more.

Rick B 6-23-21.jpg
Rick corn 10-29-31 (2).jpg

 Resisting oxygen starvation while using SNX30 to reduce fertilizer use over 70%: yield 208-270 bpa with best ROI  (average .9 -- 1.5% soil organic matter).

Bruce 8-6-21 A.jpg
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Farmer Update

Multi-Season User

Best corn yield and ROI (+12 bpa) plus 10.3% (3.3 tons) silage increase with low 0.9 -- 1.5% soil organic matter. Get even better yield and ROI using SNX30 with higher soil organic matter.

After 9 years development + 4 years of field growing, the SNX30 fertilizer supplement continues to increase farmer profitability

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Spring Special - Buy One Get One Free

The HIGH COST when farmers prove again and again to be their own worst enemies: 

Last season, Rick (on the left) used SNX30 to increase his silage yield 3.3 tons per acre. At $37 per ton, I'll let you do the math. Even though he's been using SNX30 for many seasons, his son who does custom work (middle) and father with his own farm (right) are still in denial the yield increase is due to SNX30 -- even when it's happening right before their eyes! 

Best corn yield (+12 bpa) plus 10.3% silage increase (3.3 tons) with low 0.9 -- 1.5% organic matter. Get even better yield using SNX30 with higher soil organic matter.

Be the envy of your neighbors

more yield WITHOUT more fertilizer

 Using the SNX30 fertilizer supplement and reducing fertilizer use over 70%, plus 15 bpa yield bump with best return on investment.

10% Donated to FFA

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Defy high fertilizer cost for greater profitability

"Join us for a very profitable season and enjoy the rewards when using SmartNute products." Lee Roberts, Chief Scientist

Last season, Rick used SNX30 to increase his silage yield 3.3 tons per acre. At $37 per ton, you know the math.


Even though he's been using SNX30 for many seasons, his son who does custom work, and father with his own farm are still in denial the yield increase is due to SNX30 -- when it's happening right before their eyes! 



buy one get one free

At any time during the first 6 months you are not 100% satisfied with results and ease of use with SmartNute products, return for a full refund. We also uphold a 24 month full-strength potency.


buy one get one free in April for first time users only

Another great product from SmartNute

Fastest Supplement for

Better Soil and More Yield?


Here is the world's only supplement for better soil and more yield with 4 modes of action (building blocks) that intensifies:

1)   a full spectrum of plant and soil microbes...

2)  Pink-Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs (PPFMs)...

3)  VOCs...

4)  and Terpenes all working together to help give your crops darker soil and provide more moisture, more warmth in cold temps, and more life...

Note that SN-Bio52 has none of the negative characteristics such as heat, cold, and time constraint issues like normal microbial products.

SN-Bio52 is also an energetic supplement like SmartNute's flagship product, the SNX30 fertilizer supplement (less fertilizer + more yield).


In addition, we've also included a bonus of 7 "secret sauce" intensified supplements in this formula which are also vital to a plant's optimum health and the increased yield's flavor and aroma.

For the most part, farmers take a Big Pharma approach to their crop health like they do with their own health by taking pills to make a symptom disappear or mask the symptom (but that doesn't help eliminate the cause of the problem and only lets the symptoms return).


In other words, farmers mostly look at the symptoms of plant disease instead of how to help prevent or delay the cause. SN-Bio52's intensified supplements can help farmers prevent or delay the cause with our 4 major building blocks.   


Let's begin with the intensified microbe supplement component and how it contributes to SN-Bio52.


As you may already know, microbes play crucial roles in farming, providing numerous benefits that contribute to soil fertility, plant growth, and overall ecosystem health. Here are some key benefits of microbes in agriculture:

microbes B.PNG

The soil is a living ecosystem providing the environment for a wide variety of intensified microbes.  More microbes equals darker soil benefits.

Nutrient Cycling: Microbes, particularly bacteria and fungi, are essential for breaking down organic matter in the soil. They decompose dead plant material and release nutrients back into the soil in forms that plants can absorb.

microbes C.PNG

Plant roots excrete organic substances such as sugar, amino acids and other vital nutrients to attract a chain of intensified soil microbes.

microbes E.PNG

These intensified microbes live on the root surfaces or can penetrate into the roots through the root hairs and excrete hard to digest substances in forms for the plants to absorb. 

microbes G.PNG

SN-Bio52 intensified microbes will also coat the plant roots with a bio-glue substance that helps maintain moisture in the root zone during harsh drought conditions.

Nitrogen Fixing microbes: Certain bacteria, such as the Rhizobium species, form symbiotic (harmonious) relationships with leguminous plants. These bacteria can fix atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use, promoting nitrogen availability and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. 


Phosphorus Solubilizing microbes: Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria release phosphorus from organic and inorganic sources, making it more accessible to plants. This enhances the plant's ability to take up phosphorus.


Disease Suppression microbes: Beneficial microbes act as biocontrol agents, suppressing the growth of harmful pathogens. Some fungi and bacteria microbes produce compounds that inhibit the growth of plant pathogens, providing a natural defense mechanism.


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption microbes: Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic associations with plant roots, extending the root system's reach and enhancing the plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients, particularly phosphorus.


Improving Soil Structure microbes: Intensified microbial activity, especially that of certain types of bacteria and fungi, contributes to the formation of soil aggregates (primary soil particles). This improves soil structure, porosity and water retention, while promoting a healthier root environment.


Plant Growth-Promoting Substances: Certain intensified microbes produce plant growth-promoting substances like auxins and cytokinins, which stimulate plant growth and development.


Degrading Organic Pollutants: Intensified microbes break down and degrade organic pollutants in the soil, contributing to environmental remediation.


Stress Tolerance: Intensified microbes help plants tolerate environmental stresses such as drought, salinity and disease. They can enhance the plant's resilience under challenging conditions.


Composting: Intensified microbes are crucial in the composting process, breaking down organic matter into a nutrient-rich humus that can be used as an organic fertilizer.


Biofertilizer: This intensified microbial-based product contains beneficial microorganisms that enhance nutrient availability and promote plant growth, and can be used as an alternative or supplement to chemical fertilizers.


Harnessing the potential of these intensified SN-Bio52 microbes can be the lifeblood of a regenerative and sustainable approach to farming. It can lead to improved soil health, increased crop yields, reduced reliance on synthetic inputs and chemicals and contribute to environmentally friendly and economically viable farming practices.


The SN-Bio52 microbial supplement brings together these components to intensify microbe colonies by:

1)  Supplementing